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Pahath-moab was the ancestor of a Judahite clan that returned from the Babylonian Exile and... more »

Pahikore Te Koeti Turanga

Pahikore Te Koeti Turanga was a notable New Zealand mountaineer, guide, bushman, axeman. Of... more »

Páidí Ó Lionáird

Páidí Ó Lionáird is an Irish television presenter and columnist from Cúil Aodha, County Cork... more »

Paidin mac Lochlainn Ó Mailchonaire

Paidin mac Lochlainn Ó Mailchonaire, Irish poet, died 1506. Ó Mailchonaire was a respected poet,... more »


Pailacar or Paylacar a leader of Purén, who led a force of 2000 warriors in the defeat of the... more »


Paillamachu, was the Mapuche toqui from 1592 to 1603 in what is now Chile. Paillamachu replaced... more »

Painter of the Dresden Lekanis

The Painter of the Dresden Lekanis is the common name for a vase painter of the Attic... more »

Paio Mendes

Paio Mendes was the Archbishop of Braga from 1118 until his death. He was an adherent of the... more »


Paishiyauvada was a Persian city during the Achaemenid era. Gaumata the Magian pretended to be... more »

Paisiy Lubenov

Paisiy Lubenov is a Bulgarian sprint canoer who competed in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He... more »

Pak Chun-hwa

Pak Chun Hwa is the chairperson of the Management Board of the Ripsok Cooperative Farm in Sungho... more »

Pak Tong-chi

Pak Tong-chi was a Korean scholar-bureaucrat, diplomat and ambassador, representing Joseon... more »

Pak Tongjin

Pak Tongjin was the South Korean minister of foreign affairs in the 1970s. Much of his efforts... more »

Pál Beőthy

Pál Beőthy de Bessenyő et Örvend was a Hungarian jurist, soldier and politician, who served as... more »

Pål Bjerketvedt

Paul Asbjørn Bjerketvedt is a Norwegian editor and CEO of Norwegian News Agency since 2004. In... more »

Pal Dukagjini

Pal Dukagjini or Paul Ducagin was an Albanian nobleman, a member of the Dukagjini family. He and... more »

Pál Reizer

Pál Reizer was a Romanian cleric, bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Satu Mare. Born into... more »

Pál Schiller Harkai

Pál Schiller Harkai Hungarian philosopher and psychologist. He organized Psychological Institute... more »

Pál Sümegi

Pál Sümegi is a Hungarian geoarchaeologist at the University of Szeged. more »

Pál Tar

Pál Tar is a Hungarian businessman and diplomat, a former Hungarian Ambassador to the United... more »

Paladin Gundulić

Paladin Gundulić was diplomat and merchant from the Republic of Ragusa, member of noble House of... more »

Palanati Brahmanaidu

Geddam Brahma Naidu or Palanati Brahmanaidu was a 12th-century royal minister in the Indian... more »

Palas Barman

Palas Barman, an Indian politician belonging to the Revolutionary Socialist Party. He was... more »

Palatina of Troyes

Palatina of Troyes was born in circa 547 in Troyes in the Champagne region of France. She was... more »

Palermo Anno Uno

Palermo Anno Uno is an Italian anti-mafia organization, based in Palermo, Sicily. It is an... more »

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