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Juan Pablo Hernández Smith é um cantor chileno de pop rock. more »

Páll Bragi Pétursson

Páll Bragi Pétursson is an Icelandic politician and former minister for social affairs from... more »

Palladam Sanjiva Rao

Palladam Sanjiva Rao was an Indian flautist and carnatic musician from the state of Tamil Nadu. more »

Palle Rama Rao

Dr. Palle Rama Rao is an Indian scientist noted for his contribution to the field of Physical... more »

Pallu Reddanna

Pallu Reddanna is Professor at Department of Animal Sciences, School of Life Sciences,... more »

Pálmi Jónsson

Pálmi Jónsson was an Icelandic politician and former minister. more »

Paloma Fernández

Paloma Fernández Pérez, is Professor of economic and business history at the University of... more »

Paloma Porcel

Paloma Porcel is the daughter of Marisa Porcel. more »

Pam Nestor

Pam Nestor is a singer, songwriter and one time actress who was active in the entertainment... more »

Pam Relph

Pamela Lillian Relph MBE is a British adaptive rower who competed at the 2012 Summer Paralympics. more »


Pamba is the name of a king of the Hatti in the early 22nd century BC. Pamba's name is mentioned... more »


Pamela is the mother of Saoirse Reid. more »

Pamela Crawford

Pamela Mary Crawford was an Australian artist and stage designer married to the English-born... more »

Pamela DeLissio

Pamela DeLissio is a politician from the U.S. commonwealth of Pennsylvania. A member of the... more »

Pamela Díaz

Pamela Andrea Díaz Saldías also known as "La Fiera" is a Chilean model, media celebrity and... more »

Pamela Ki Mai Chen

Pamela Ki Mai Chen is a United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the... more »

Pamela Kurdahi

Pamela Kurdahi is the daughter of George Kurdahi. more »

Pamela Long

Pamela Long is a scholar and activist, who is an associate professor at Auburn Montgomery and is... more »

Pamela Love

Pamela Love is an American jewelry designer based in New York City. more »

Pamela Palmater

Pamela Palmater is a Mi'kmaq lawyer, professor, activist and politician from Mi'kma'ki, New... more »

Pamela Talkin

Pamela Talkin is the current Marshal of the United States Supreme Court and the first woman to... more »

Pamela Warhurst

Pamela Janice Warhurst CBE is a British community leader, activist and environment worker best... more »


Pamisseu was a Sauk chief aligned with Black Hawk's British Band during the 1832 Black Hawk War. more »

Pampady John Joseph

Pampady John Joseph, known as Pampady John or Pampady Joseph, was a Dalit activist and the... more »

Pan Fu

Pan Fu was a Chinese politician and premier of the Republic of China from 1927 to 1928 during... more »

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