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Pan Kang

Pan Kang, courtesy name Ningmeng, was an official of the Chinese Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms... more »

Pan Wuyun

Pan Wùyún is a leading Chinese linguist and specialist in historical Chinese phonology. more »

Panagiotis Faklaris

Panagiotis V. Faklaris is a Greek archaeologist, professor of classical archaeology and... more »

Pancracio Celdrán

Pancracio Celdrán Gomáriz is a Spanish professor, intellectual, and journalist whose specialties... more »

Pande Petrovski

Pande Petrovski was a Macedonian general and the Chief of Staff of the Army of the Republic of... more »

Pandeli Varfi

Pandeli Varfi is member of the Central Election Commission of Albania for the Socialist Party of... more »

Pandhareenathachar Galagali

Pandit Pandhareenathachar Galagali is a Vedic scholar, author, poet, journalist, and orator. He... more »

Panduranga Hegde

Panduranga Hegde is an environmentalist from Uttara Kannada district, Karnataka, India and is... more »


Panehesy was a Vizier of Ancient Egypt. He served during the reign of Merenptah during the 19th... more »

Pang Kin-kee

Mr Justice Pang Kin-kee, SBS is Chairman of the Electoral Affairs Commission, Judge of the Court... more »

Pang Qingnian

Pang Qingian, born 1956, is a Chinese economist, businessman and owner of Youngman Inc. He was... more »

Pang Yi

Pang Yi was a military general serving under the warlord Liu Zhang during the late Han Dynasty... more »

Pankaj Bhatia

Pankaj Bhatia is an Indian entrepreneur, owner of K.P. Groups, Bangalore, India. Owner of "The... more »


U Pannavamsa is a prominent Burmese Buddhist monk, known for his missionary work, particularly... more »

Panos Ioannou

Panayiotis Ioannou was an internationally known cell biologist and neuroscientist who pioneered... more »

Pantaleon of Pydna

Pantaleon was a Macedonian hetairos from Pydna, who was appointed by Alexander the Great as... more »

Panteleimon Shatov

Bishop Panteleimon is the Russian Orthodox Bishop of Smolensk and Vyazma and chairman of the... more »

Panteleimon Sklavos

Panteleimon Sklavos was the Greek Orthodox auxiliary bishop of Adelaide and then Melbourne,... more »

Panther Painter

The Panther Painter was a vase painter of the Attic black-figure style. He was probably active... more »


Panthoides was a dialectician and philosopher of the Megarian school. He concerned himself with... more »

Panupong Toyam

Panupong Toyam is a Thai beach volleyball player. He competed at the 2012 Asian Beach Games in... more »

Paola Ricciardi-Castagnoli

Professor Paola Ricciardi-Castagnoli, is an Italian Immunologist and currently Scientific... more »

Paola S. Timiras

Paola S. Timiras, born Paola Silvestri, was an endocrinologist studying stress. more »

Paola Zizzi

Paola Zizzi is an Italian theoretical physicist who is most notable for her work in the field of... more »

Paolo Baffi

Paolo Baffi was an Italian academic, banker and economist. He was the Governor of Bank of Italy... more »

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