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Paolo Baronni

Paolo Baronni was an Italian painter. His date of birth and death are not known. Not much is... more »

Paolo Brera

Paolo Alberto Brera is an Italian novelist and journalist. more »

Paolo Butigella

Paolo Butigella was the Master of the Order of Preachers from 1530 to 1531. more »

Paolo Constabile

Paolo Constabile was the Master of the Order of Preachers from 1580 to 1582. more »

Paolo Cotta-Ramusino

Prof. Paolo Cotta-Ramusino has been Secretary General of Pugwash Conferences on Science and... more »

Paolo cuccia

President of Gambero Rosso Holding S.p.A., Presidente of Artribune srl, Member of the Board of... more »

Paolo Dall'Oglio

Father Paolo Dall'Oglio is an Italian Jesuit priest and peace activist. He was exiled from Syria... more »

Paolo de Lorenzi

Paolo de Lorenzi was an Italian painter of the late Baroque period. A native of Ceneda. He was a... more »

Paolo Del Bianco

Paolo Del Bianco, is president of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation, member of the ICOMOS... more »

Paolo Fox

Paolo Fox is an Italian astrologer, journalist, and television personality. more »

Paolo Gerolamo Brusco

Paolo Gerolamo Brusco was a prolific Italian painter active in Liguria. He was also nicknamed... more »

Paolo Massimo Antici

Paolo Massimo Antici was an Italian Diplomat, founder of the Antici Group, group of officials... more »

Paolo Mei

Paolo Mei was an Italian painter active in Rome. more »

Paolo Ramírez

Paolo Ramírez is a Chilean singer/vocalist from the city of Quilpué, Marga Marga Province of... more »

Paolo Romani

Paolo Romani is an Italian politician, publisher, journalist and one of the former minister of... more »

Paora Temuera

Paora Temuera was a notable New Zealand Anglican priest. Of Māori descent, he identified with... more »

Pap Saine

Pap Saine is a Gambian editor and publisher of the English-language independent newspaper The... more »

Paperboy Fabe

Fabbien Nahounou, better known as Paperboy Fabe is an American, Grammy Award Nominated, R&B, hip... more »

Papia of Envermeu

Papia of Envermeu, also called Poppa of Envermeu, was the second consort of Richard II, Duke of... more »


Papias was a Latin lexicographer from Italy. Although he is often referred to as Papias the... more »

Papora people

The Papora were a Taiwanese aboriginal people. They lived primarily in the area around Taichung... more »


Pappammal is the parent of Thambi Ramaiah. more »


Papunhank was an 18th-century Munsee who converted to Moravian Christianity. Before his... more »

Pär Hallström

Pär Hallström is a Swedish legal writer and professor of Law at Umeå University. He graduated... more »

Pär Lernström

Pär Hugo Gustav Lernström, born 4 September 1980, is a Swedish television and radio host, which... more »

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