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Park Jong-il

Park Jong-il is a South Korean ski mountaineer. more »

Park Jun-Bum

박준범은 대한민국의 전 배구 선수이다. 그의 아버지는 전 국가대표 라이트 공격수이자 현대자동차서비스 배구단의 창단 멤버였던 박형용이다. NH농협 2010~2011 V-리그를... more »

Park Jung-Kwon

박정권은 한국 프로 야구 SK 와이번스의 1루수이다. more »

Park Jung-yang

Park Jung-yang was a Korean Joseon and Japanese-ruled Korean bureaucrat, politician, liberal and... more »

Park Ki-tae

Park Ki-tae is the founder of Voluntary Agency Network of Korea, a non-governmental South Korean... more »

Park Sang-ryung

Park Sang-ryung is a South Korean novelist and short story writer. His most famous work is A... more »

Park Sea-Kyun

Park Sea-Kyun is a South-Korean Paralympian shooter. He won two gold medals at the 2012 Summer... more »

Park Won-jong

Park Won-jong was a Korean Joseon Dynastys politician and soldier. one of maximum merit Jungjong... more »

Parliamentary Librarian of Canada

The Parliamentary Librarian of Canada is one of the key officials of the Parliament of... more »

Parnell Gale

Parnell Gale was Mayor of Galway in 1817. more »

Parney Albright

Penrose “Parney” C. Albright was, until November 1, 2013, the director of Lawrence Livermore... more »


Parrari or Parari was founded by Sher Mohammad Marri in the 1962. The Parrari resistance began... more »

Parrobus of Pottole

Parrobus of Pottole, sometimes Patrobos, Patrobus, or Patrobas, is numbered among the Seventy... more »

Parry Mitchell, Baron Mitchell

Parry Andrew Mitchell, Baron Mitchell is a British businessman and Labour member of the House of... more »

Parsegh of Cilicia

Basil of Ani or Basil Pahlavuni was Armenian Catholicos of Cilicia from 1105 to 1113, and nephew... more »

Parshottam Solanki

Parshottam Solanki is a Member of Legislative assembly from Bhavnagar Rural constituency in... more »

Parsman IV of Iberia

P'arsman IV, of the Chosroid Dynasty, was the king of Iberia from 406 to 409. According to the... more »

Parson Zazaharivelo Rakotovazaha

Parson Zazaharivelo Rakotovazaha is a Malagasy politician. A member of the National Assembly of... more »

Partha Pratim Moitra

Partha Pratim Moitra is a film maker and poet from Barak Valley, Assam. He is currently the... more »

Parupalli Ramakrishnayya Pantulu

Gayaka Sarvabhauma Sri Parupalli Ramakrishnayya Pantulu is a Carnatic vocalist. He is better... more »


Parvathy Ratheesh is the daughter of Ratheesh. more »

Parvathy Soman

Parvathy Soman is an Indian singer. She is best known as a playback singer in Malayalam films... more »

Parveen Kumar

Parveen June Kumar, CBE is a British doctor who served as President of the British Medical... more »

Parvez Taj

Parvez M. Taj is Canadian-born artist and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, California... more »

Parvin Darabadi

Parvin Darabadi is a Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor at the International Relations... more »

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