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Rafael Ponzi

Rafael Ponzi is an actor. more »

Rafael Rivera Ortega

Rafael "June" Rivera Ortega is a Puerto Rican politician affiliated with the New Progressive... more »

Rafael Saldanha

Rafael Saldanha is the child of Carlos Saldanha. more »

Rafael Sari

Rafael Sari was a popular algherese poet and writer. He worked as a school teacher and archivist... more »

Rafael Serrano

Rafael Serrano Quevedo is a Spanish financier and entrepreneur. As the Chief Executive of Prime... more »

Rafael Zubirán Capmany

Rafael Zubirán Capmany was a Mexican lawyer from Campeche who acted as the Mexican Minister of... more »

Rafajil Korsak

Rafajil Nikolai Korsak was the Metropolitan of Kiev, Galicia and Russia of the Ukrainian Greek... more »

Rafat Ali

Rafat Ali is the founder of ContentNextMedia Inc, the parent company of his first and most... more »

Rafat Bayat

Rafat Bayat is an Iranian politician and former parliament member. She was denied candidacy for... more »

Rafat Hussain

Dr. Rafat Hussain اردو: ڈاکٹر رفعت حسین is an Associate Professor in Health Management and... more »

Rafał de Weryha-Wysoczański

Chevalier Rafał Hugon de Weryha-Wysoczański, Ph.D. is a Polish art historian, art consultant and... more »

Rafał Dębski

Rafał Dębski is a Polish writer of fantasy, historic, sensational and criminal novels. He works... more »

Rafał Górski

Rafał Górski was a Polish historian, writer, anarchist, trade union and housing activist. Górski... more »

Rafał Jakubowicz

Rafał Jakubowicz. Visual artist. Art critic. more »

Rafał Syska

Rafał Syska is a Polish film historian and writer. He is an associate professor in the... more »

Raffaele Casnédi

Raffaele Casnédi was an Italian painter and scenic designer, active mainly in Milan. He was born... more »

Raffaele de Ferrari

Marquis Raffaele Luigi De Ferrari, Prince of Lucedio, Duke of Galliera, was an Italian... more »

Raffaele Diana

Raffaele Diana is an Italian Camorrista and senior boss of the Casalesi clan from Caserta. His... more »

Raffaele Forni

Raffaele Forni was a Roman Catholic archbishop. He worked in papal diplomacy, and among other... more »

Raffaele Franceschi

Raffaele Franceschi is an Italian swimmer who won a bronze medal in the 4×200 m freestyle relay... more »

Raffaele Lauro

Raffaele Lauro is an Italian politician, member of the Senate of Italy and prefect. more »

Raffaella Rossi

Raffaella "Raffy" Rossi is an Italian ski mountaineer and skyrunner. Rossi was born in Sondrio... more »

Rafferty Wells

Rafferty Wells is the child of Orlando Wells. more »

Rafi Asruki Nordin

Rafi Asruki Nordin is a Malaysian beach volleyball player. He competed at the 2012 Asian Beach... more »

Rafield Werschku

Rafield Werschku is the brother of Gordon Scott. more »

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