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Roelof Bisschop

Roelof Bisschop is a Dutch historian and politician. As a member of the Reformed Political Party... more »

Roemer Vlacq

Roemer Vlacq was a Dutch naval captain, who blew up his ship to keep it out of enemy... more »

Rogelio Cabrera López

Rogelio Cabrera López is the current archbishop of Monterrey since his appointment was announced... more »

Rogener Pavinski

Rogener Pavinski is a Brazilian Esperantist, singer and bass guitar player in the Esperanto rock... more »

Roger Abrantes

Roger Abrantes is a Portuguese author on the behaviors of animals, with a PhD in Evolutionary... more »

Roger B. Colton

Major General Roger Baldwin Colton served as United States Army Air Communications Officer of... more »

Roger Blough

Roger M. Blough was the chairman and chief executive of the United States Steel Corporation for... more »

Roger Booth

Roger G. Booth is a British philatelist who is a Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society London... more »

Roger C. Poole

Brigadier General Roger "Cliff" Clifton Poole, was the nineteenth and twenty-first President of... more »

Roger C. Thomas

Roger Christopher Thomas FRS is a British physiologist, former Professor of Physiology,... more »

Roger Charnock

Roger Charnock was an English politician who sat in the House of Commons in 1614. Charnock was... more »

Roger Clifford Carrington

Roger Clifford Carrington was an English classical scholar, archaeologist and teacher. He was... more »

Roger Colman

Roger Colman was an English landowner and politician who sat in the House of Commons in... more »

Roger Connor

Roger David Connor is a British judge. more »

Roger Cuttance

Captain Roger Cuttance RN was a Royal Navy officer who took a prominent role in the Anglo-Dutch... more »

Roger de Aswardby

Roger de Aswardby MA was a late 14th-century Master of University College, Oxford,... more »

Roger de Beler

Roger de Beler was an English judge. more »

Roger de Bussy

Roger de Bussy was a medieval Anglo-Norman nobleman during the reigns of King Stephen of England... more »

Roger de Pitres

Roger de Pitres, a Norman, was the Sheriff of Gloucester under William the Conqueror and... more »

Roger de Rowell

Roger de Rowell was an English medieval university chancellor. During 1283–4, Roger de Rowell... more »

Roger de Streton

Roger de Streton DD was an English medieval theologian and university chancellor. Roger de... more »

Roger de Weseham

Roger de Weseham was an English medieval churchman and university chancellor. Roger de Weseham... more »

Roger Dupuy

Roger Dupuy est un historien français né en 1934, professeur à l'université Rennes 2 Haute... more »

Roger E. Nebergall

Roger Ellis Nebergall co-authored "Attitude and Attitude Change, the Social Judgment-Involvement... more »

Roger F. Duffy

Roger F. Duffy is a former Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. more »

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