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Rudolf Ströbinger

Rudolf Ströbinger was a German journalist and writer. more »

Rudolf V, Margrave of Baden-Pforzheim

Rudolf V, Margrave of Baden-Pforzheim was a son of Margrave Rudolf IV and his second wife Maria... more »

Rudolph Dinnini

Rudolph V. Dinnini is a former Republican member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. more »

Rudolph I, Bishop of Schwerin

Rudolph I was the Roman Catholic bishop of the Diocese of Schwerin and prince of the... more »

Rudolph I, Count Palatine of Tübingen

Rudolph I, Count Palatine of Tübingen was the eldest son of Count Palatine Hugo II of Tübingen... more »

Rudolph II, Count Palatine of Tübingen

Rudolph II, Count Palatine of Tübingen was Count Palatine of Tübingen and Vogt of Sindelfingen... more »

Rudolph McCollum Jr.

Rudolph C. "Rudy" McCollum, Jr. is an American lawyer who served as the mayor of Richmond,... more »

Rudolph Schlabach

Rudolph Mark Schlabach was an American lawyer and politician. Born in La Crosse, Wisconsin,... more »

Rudolph Schwarz

Rudolph Schwarz, was an Austrian sculptor who emigrated to Indianapolis in December 1897 to help... more »

Rudolph Smith

Sir Thomas Rudolph Hampden Smith, 2nd Baronet, CBE, FRCS was a British surgeon. Smith was the... more »

Rudolph von Manteuffel

Rudolf von Manteuffel was born in Prussia and was a relative of the Prussian conservative... more »

Rudolph Zander

Rudolph "Rusty" Zander was a politician from Alberta, Canada. Rudolph ran in the 1963 Alberta... more »

Rudra Kandali

Rudra Kandali was litterateur from Kamrup. He was well known poet of 12th century and... more »

Rudra Madhab Ray

Rudramadhab Ray is an Indian politician. He is a member of the Indian Parliament, and currently... more »

Rudramurti Ahir

Rudramurti Ahir was the chief of the Army in Ahirwar, Jhansi, India. more »


Rudrappa is the parent of Duniya Vijay. more »

Rudy Halmaert

Rudy Halmaert is a French pair skater who competed with different partners for France,... more »

Rudy Rotter

Rudy Rotter was an American outsider artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While working as a... more »

Rudy Simone

Rudy Simone is the author of four books on Asperger's Syndrome, a performing singer, songwriter,... more »

Rudy Vaughn

Rudy Vaughn Brannon is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and recording artist. more »

Rueben Thevandran

Rueben Thevandran / Burn is a Malaysian radio personality, television host, singer and... more »

Ruebin Mundy

Reubin A. Munday was the ninth head football coach for the Tennessee State University Tigers... more »

Ruel Ross Appleton

Ruel Ross Appleton, Sr. of Brooklyn was a cotton goods broker and banker. more »


Rufinus was a praetorian prefect of the East, one of the most important officials of the Eastern... more »

Rufius Achilius Sividius

Rufius Achilius Sividius was a Roman politician. more »

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