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Raimund Karl

Raimund Karl is an Austrian archaeologist, Celticist and historian. He is currently a professor... more »

Raimundo of Roda

Raymond, known in Spanish as Raimundo Dalmacio, was the bishop of Roda from 1076 until his... more »

Raimundo Perellós

Ramón de Perellós, Viscount of Perellós, title of 1391, province of Zaragoza, Spain, was a... more »

Rainer Guillery

Rainer Walter "Ray" Guillery FRS is a British physiologist and neuroanatomist. He is best known... more »

Raisa Surnachevskaya

Squadron Commander, Raisa Surnachevskaya, a Soviet World War II fighter pilot, was, according to... more »

Raisa Zaharevny Kapler

Raisa Kapler was a mother of Aleksei Kapler. more »

Raisuddin Ahamed Siddique

Raisuddin Ahamed Siddique is the brother of Riaz Uddin Ahamed Siddique. more »

Raivo Seppo

Raivo Seppo is an Estonian novelist. He is a member of the Estonian Genealogical Society. His... more »


On January 15, 2010, the Department of Defense complied with a court order and published a list... more »


Raizdos or Roigos was a king of the Odrysians of Thrace after ca. 280 BC. He was possibly the... more »

Raj Begum

Raj Begum is a leading Kashmiri singer, popular in the late twentieth Century. She was... more »


Raja is the sibling of K.S. Ravi. more »

Raja Al Gurg

Raja Al Gurg is a businesswoman who lives in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. She is the... more »

Raja Fathua

Raja Fathua was a leader of a group of rebel Gurjars near the Indian town of Gangoh during the... more »

Raja ibn Haywah

Raja ibn Haywah al-Kindi was a leading Islamic jurist and Arabic calligraphist from Baysan who... more »

Raja Mohammed

Raja Mohammed is a Kuwaiti actress and singer in Syria, who started acting at the end of 1978. more »

Raja Mummtaz Hussain Rathore

Raja Mumtaz Hussain Rathore was the third Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir from 29 June 1990 to 5... more »

Raja nipal chand

Nipal Chand Naru was a descendant of Raja Ram Chand and a member of a Suryavanshi Rajput clan. more »

Raja Sehns Pal Khan

Raja Sehns Pal Khan was the grandson of Raja Mangarpal and he established the City of Sehnsa... more »

Raja Sukhdeo

Raja Sukhdev was ruler of Sravasti a small northern kingdom of India in early 11th century. He... more »

Rajab Ali Tabrizi

Rajab Ali Tabrizi was an Iranian and Shiat philosopher and mystic of the 17th century. He was... more »

Rajab Bursi

Rajab al-Hafiz al-Bursi an Arab Shia theologian and mystic. Rajab al-Hafiz al-Bursi was born in... more »

Rajae El Mouhandiz

Rajae El Mouhandiz also known as Rajae is a Dutch, Moroccan/Algerian artist. El Mouhandiz is now... more »

Rajagopal Menon

KP Rajagopal is a former Indian first-class cricketer. He represented Kerala in the Ranji... more »

Rajah Alon

Rajah Alon was King of Tondo and the son of Lakan Timamanukum. He expanded the kingdom by... more »

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