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Vincent J. McCauley

Vincent Joseph McCauley, C.S.C. was an American prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. A member... more »

Vincent Jansz van der Vinne

Vincent Jansz. van der Vinne, was a Dutch 18th century painter and the great-grandson of Vincent... more »

Vincent Joseph Dunker

Vincent Joseph Dunker was a photographer, inventor and camera manufacturer who began his career... more »

Vincent Kigosi

Vincent Kigosi is a Tanzanian film actor, producer and director. Kigosi is based in... more »

Vincent Kwun Leung Lee

Vincent Kwun-leung LEE, graduated from Cheung Chau Government Secondary School in 2003 and... more »

Vincent Lacava

Dr. Vincent D. Lacava was a semi-professional football coach and general manager in 1927 for the... more »

Vincent Loosjes

Vincent Loosjes, was a 19th-century writer and publisher from the Northern Netherlands. more »

Vincent Makori

Vincent Makori is the anchor of Africa 54, Voice of America’s English television live news... more »

Vincent Manoharan

Vincent Manoharan is an Indian human rights activist, he is known mostly for creating the... more »

Vincent Moncrief

Vincent Edward Moncrief is an American mathematician and physicist at Yale University. He works... more »

Vincent Moulac

Vincent-Marie Moulac was a French naval officer and privateer. more »

Vincent Ndumu

Ndumu Nji Vincent born October 16, 1960, is a Cameroonian high government official who presently... more »

Vincent of Scarning

Vincent of Scarning is one of the earliest known headmasters of any grammar school in England... more »

Vincent Pala

Vincent H Pala is an Indian politician, belonging to Indian National Congress. In the 2009... more »

Vincent Price

Vincent Price is the 29th Provost of the University of Pennsylvania. He succeeded Ronald J... more »

Vincent Strafford

Major Vincent Strafford QGM* was an ammunition technical officer with the British Army's Royal... more »

Vincent Thamotheram

Justice Vincent Thambinayagam Thamotheram is a leading Sri Lankan lawyer, judge and writer. He... more »

Vincent Valentine Fotre

Vincent Valentine Fotre is the former husband of actress M'liss McClure. more »

Vincent Włodarczyk

Vincent Włodarczyk is the son of Marek Włodarczyk. more »

Vincent Zarrilli

Vincent F. Zarrilli is a businessman who oversees cookware and pottery manufacture at The Pot... more »

Vincente Sanchez

Vicente Sanchez is a Filipino martial artist and long-time student of Remy Presas. Sanchez and... more »

Vincentius Sutikno Wisaksono

Monsignor Vincent Sutikno Wisaksono,Pr. Bishop of Surabaya since 29 June 2007, replacing Mgr... more »

Vincenzo Alessandri

Vincenzo Alessandri was an Italian Knight of Malta who became a buccaneer. Originally a Knight... more »

Vincenzo Bandello

Vincenzo Bandello or Bandelli was the Master of the Order of Preachers from 1501 to 1507. more »

Vincenzo Di Nicola

Vincenzo Di Nicola is a Canadian psychologist, psychiatrist, and family therapist. Di Nicola is... more »

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