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Vincenzo Macchi Di Cellere

Vincenzo Macchi Di Cellere, was a Count and the Italian ambassador to the United States. more »

Vincenzo Maria Altieri

Vincenzo Maria Altieri was an Italian Roman Catholic cardinal from 1777 to 1800. more »

Vincenzo Mecozzi

Vincenzo "Vicente" Mecozzi was a Brazilian decorator, professor and painter born in Italy. Along... more »

Vincenzo Moretti

Vincenzo Moretti was an Italian cardinal. more »

Vincenzo, Martyr of Craco

San Vincenzo Martire is a minor saint of the Roman Catholic Church. He is remembered in... more »

Vinciguerra d'Aragona

Vinciguerra d'Aragona was the eldest son of Sanciolo and Lucia Palizzi and thus a grandson of... more »

Vineet Bajpai

Vineet Bajpai is the Founder and Group CEO of Magnon Solutions and Magnon International, an... more »

Vineet Kulkarni

Vineet Anil Kulkarni is an Indian cricket umpire. Vineet Kulkarni is son of Adv. Anil Kulkarni... more »

Vineet Soni

Vineet Soni is a plant conservation biotechnologist and the founder of the "Save Guggul... more »

Vineta Muižniece

Vineta Muižniece is a Latvian jurist and politician. In 2004, she was justice minister. She was... more »

Vinita Vasu

Vinita Vasu is a self-taught woman artist in Delhi, India. A malayalee but brought up in Delhi,... more »

Vinky Luna

Vinky Luna is the daughter of Prospero Luna. more »

Vinod Agarwal

Dr. Vinod K. Agarwal is an Indian-American businessman and scientist. He was a professor at... more »


Vinodini is the spouse of Shetty. more »

Vinzenz Guggenberger

Vinzenz Guggenberger was the Roman Catholic titular bishop of Abziri and auxiliary bishop of the... more »


viodentia is a pseudonym used by the creator of FairUse4WM, a program that removes Microsoft's... more »

Viola Patterson

Viola Patterson, née Hansen, was an American artist. more »

Violante Doria

Violante Doria was an Italian soprano in France, and the first singer in a French opera, the... more »

Violet Bidwill Wolfner

Violet Bidwill Wolfner was owner of the Chicago/St. Louis Cardinals of the National Football... more »

Violet May Cottrell

Violet May Cottrell was a New Zealand writer, poet and spiritualist. She was born in Napier,... more »

Violet Tisam

Violet Tisam is the mother of Nathan and Tuka Tisam. more »

Viphandh Roengpithya

Viphandh Roengpithya, also Vipandh Roengpithya, is a Thai academic. He is the founder and... more »

Vir Nakai

Vir Nakai is the spouse of Amrita Mahal. more »

Vira Jotava

Vira Jotava is a Member of Legislative assembly from Somnath constituency in Gujarat for its... more »

Virasb Vahidi

Virasb Vahidi was Senior Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer of American Airlines, Inc. As... more »

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