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Vittorio Arminjon

Vittorio Arminjon was an Italian admiral. more »

Vittorio Cotesta

Vittorio Cotesta - Roccagorga, Italy, 1944 - is an Italian social scientist. At present he is... more »

Vittorio Grilli

Vittorio Grilli is an Italian economist and academic. He was Italy's economy and finances... more »

Viva Donaldson

Viva Donaldson was a New Zealand teacher, nurse, community leader and local politician. She was... more »

Vivek Kapadekar

Vivek Kapadekar has over 14 years of experience in Software Engineering and R He brings to the... more »

Vivek Merani

Magnon International is one of the leading web solutions company focusing on web design, web... more »

Vivek Patil

Vivekanand Shankar Patil is a politician of the Peasants and Workers Party of India. A... more »

Vivek Sawant

Vivek Sawant is Managing Director of Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation, and has received the... more »


Viveka is the child of Thambi Ramaiah. more »

Vivi Fernandez

Viviane Moreira Fernandes, best known as Vivi Fernandez, is a Brazilian model, actress, dancer... more »

Vivian Benítez

Vivián Benítez is a Paraguayan beauty queen, model and TV Hostess who was crowned Miss Paraguay... more »

Vivian de Buffrénil

Vivian de Buffrénil is a French histologist and paleobiologist who has been working at the... more »

Vivian Ho

Vivian Ho is a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle. more »

Vivian Knarvik Bugge

Vivian Knarvik Bugge is a Norwegian politician for the Christian Democratic Party. She served as... more »

Viviane Biviga

Viviane Biviga is a Gabonese politician. She is the current National Secretary of Communications... more »

Viviane Hinz

Viviane Hinz is the daughter of Michael Hinz. more »

Vladimir Kubik

Vladimir Kubik was the manager of the Companhia Viação São Paulo-Mato Grosso, which was... more »

Vladimir Kumets

Vladimir Kumets is a Belarusian dissident and political activist. In September 2011 he was... more »

Vladimir Kuzmin-Karavayev

Vladimir Dmitrievich Kuzmin-Karavaev was Russian legal scholar and liberal politician. more »

Vladimir Lexa

Vladimir Lexa was a Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia in 1989-90. His son... more »

Vladimir Livshits

Лившиц Владимир Моисеевич — учёный, писатель, литературовед, публицист. Кандидат философских... more »

Vladimir Makhlai

Vladimir N. Makhlai is a Russian engineer, economist and a major entrepreneur. He is the core... more »

Vladimír Mathern

Prof. JUDr. Vladimír Mathern DrSc. is a Slovak jurist, law professor and the then rector of the... more »

Vladimir Michailovich Jurowski

Vladimir Michailovich Jurowski was a Ukrainian Soviet film music composer. His son is the... more »

Vladimir Mineev

Vladimir Mineev is Russian heavyweight kickboxer. more »

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