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Vladimir Morozan

Vladimir Morozan is a Russian historian ru:Файл:Копия DSC01280.JPG more »

Vladimir Nachach

Vladimir Emin-ipa Nachach was an Abkhazian Jurist, Major-General and politician. more »

Vladimir Naglič

Vladimir Naglič was a Slovene mariner and translator, known for his contribution to a Slovene... more »

Vladimir Napolskikh

Vladimir Vladimirovich Napolskikh is a Russian ethnographer, ethnologist, ethnohistorian,... more »

Vladimir Nevezhin

Vladimir Nevezhin is a Russian historian, is working as a professor in Moscow, chief scientific... more »

Vladimir P. Krainov

Vladimir Pavlovich Krainov is a full professor in department of theoretical physics of the... more »

Vladimír Padrůněk

Vladimír Padrůněk is a Czech rock bass guitarist. In 1971 he joined to reformed Jazz Q. He was... more »

Vladimir Palikhata

Vladimir M. Palikhata s a Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist, President of Rosenergomash... more »

Vladimir Pešić

Vladimir Pešić is a scientist from Montenegro, a biologist who is an expert on Hydrachnidiae,... more »

Vladimir Pištalo

Vladimir Pištalo is a Serbian writer, most notably winning the 2008 NIN Prize for the year's... more »

Vladimir Plekhanov

Born October 12, 1920, Vladimir Plekhanov was a noted Russian firearms designer of the 20th... more »

Vladimir Pletser

Vladimir Pletser is the senior Physicist-Engineer at the European Space Research and Technology... more »

Vladimir Pyankov

Vladimir Ivanovich Pyankov was a Russian phytophysiologist, professor of the Ural State... more »

Vladimir Soltan

Vladimir Yevgenievich Soltan was a Belarusian composer. He was born in Baranovichi. He graduated... more »

Vladimir Stepanov

Vladimir Sevastianovich Stepanov was a former Soviet diplomat and intelligence officer and... more »

Vladimir Tomilovsky

Vladimir Petrovitch Tomilovsky was a Russian landscape painter predominantly depicting the... more »

Vladimir Ulas

Vladimir Dmitrievich Ulas is a Russian politician from the Communist Party of the Russian... more »

Vladimir Utkin

Vladimir Fyodorovich Utkin was a Russian scientist and rocket engineer who developed... more »

Vladimir Varlaj

Vladimir Varlaj was a Croatian artist, a member of the Group of Four during the Zagreb Spring... more »

Vladimir Zherikhin

Vladimir Vasilevich Zherikhin, of the Paleontological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences,... more »

Vladimir Zotikov

Vladimir Evgenievich Zotikov was a prominent Russian and Soviet scientist and textile engineer... more »

Vladimir-Georg Karassev-Orgussaar

Vladimir-Georg Karassev-Orgusaar born 14 December 1931 in Tallinn is an Estonian film... more »

Vladimiras Beresniovas

Vladimiras Beresniovas known under his pen name VLABER is a Lithuanian artist, humorist, poet,... more »

Vladimiras Beriozovas

Vladimiras Beriozovas is a Lithuanian politician. In 1990 he was among those who signed the Act... more »

Vladislav Ivanov

Vladislav Ivanov is a Soviet physicist who in 1960 filed a document with the USSR State... more »

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