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Victor Denain

Victor-Léon-Ernest Denain was a French general, aviator and politician. He was behind the... more »

Victor Dillard

Victor Dillard was a French Jesuit. more »

Victor Drija

Víctor Antonio Drija Vivas, is an Venezuelan actor, singer and dancer. He best known for his... more »

Víctor García Garzena

Víctor García Garzena was a Chilean lawyer. more »

Víctor González Fuentes

Víctor González Fuentes was de facto president of Bolivia for less than a day, and is a former... more »

Víctor Hugo Arévalo Jordán

Víctor Hugo Arévalo Jordán is a Bolivian writer and noted university professor. more »

Víctor Hugo Carrillo

Víctor Hugo Carrillo Casanova is a Peruvian football referee. more »

Víctor Hugo Rivera

Víctor Hugo Rivera Chávez is a Peruvian football referee. He has been a referee for Peruvian... more »

Victor J. Westerberg

Victor J. Westerberg is a former Republican member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. more »

Victor Jones

Lieutenant Colonel Victor Harry Jones OBE was a British intelligence officer and "visual... more »

Victor Juc

Victor Juc is a political scientist from the Republic of Moldova. more »

Victor Koo

Victor Koo served as president Sohu.com before leaving to co-found video website Youku in 2006,... more »

Victor Krasin

Victor Krasin is a Russian human rights activist, economist, a former Soviet dissident and a... more »

Victor Leclercq

Victor Leclercq was a Belgian painter. more »

Víctor Lecumberri

Víctor Lecumberri was a Spanish politician. Known as Commander Otxabiña, he was a communist... more »

Victor Leonard William Mitchell

Victor Leonard William Mitchell was a notable New Zealand artist and gallery owner. He was born... more »

Víctor Li-Carrillo Chía

Víctor Li-Carrillo Chía was a Peruvian philosopher. more »

Victor Lind

Victor Lind is a Norwegian painter and sculptor. His teachers and inspirators include Chrix... more »

Víctor Manuel Liceaga Ruibal

Víctor Manuel Liceaga Ruibal was a Mexican politician. Liceaga Ruibal served as the Governor of... more »

Víctor Marchesini

Víctor Marchesini, born in Río Negro Province, was an Argentine lawyer and politician. more »

Victor McIntyre

William Victor McIntyre was a New Zealand shepherd, farmer, dog breeder and handler. He was born... more »

Victor Nikolaevich Apeksimov

Victor Nikolaevich Apeksimov is the father of Irina Apeksimova. more »

Victor Nityendra Narayan

Victor Nityendra Narayan is the son of Nripendra Narayan. more »

Victor Okaikoi

Victor Nii Okaikoi is a Ghanaian former army captain and New Patriotic Party politician. He was... more »

Victor Pickard

Victor Pickard is an American media studies scholar. He is a professor at the Annenberg School... more »

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