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Yousef Ghawanmeh

Yousef Darwish Ghawanmeh, is a prominent Jordanian historian, anthropologist, professor and... more »

Yousra Ben Jemaa

Yousra Ben Jemaa is a Paralympian athlete from Tunisia competing mainly in category F32-34/51-53... more »

Youssef Benibrahim

Youssef Benibrahim is a Paralympic athlete from Morocco competing mainly in category T13 long... more »

Youssef Seddik

Youssef Seddik was an Egyptian military figure and politician. He is noted for his role in... more »

Youssef Tabti

Youssef Tabti is a French concept artist with Algerian roots. more »

Yovana O'Brien

Peggy Yovana O'Brien is Miss Bolivia Earth 2010 and Miss Bicentenario. more »

Yu Bin

Yu Bin is a Chinese professional Go player. more »

Yu Xiaoyu

Yu Xiaoyu is a Chinese female pair skater. With partner Jin Yang, she is the 2012 Junior World... more »

Yuan Ke

Yuan Ke was a Chinese scholar, one of the most important specialists on Chinese mythology. His... more »

Yuichi Takai

Yuichi Takai is a Japanese author. Takai won the 1965 Akutagawa Prize for Kita no kawa, the 1984... more »

Yuka Aimoto

Yuka Aimoto is a Japanese stage, and voice actress. more »

Yuka Kanematsu

金松 由花は、日本の女性声優。アトリエピーチ所属。主にアダルトゲームに声をあてている。 more »

Yuka Saitō

Yuka Saitō is a Japanese essayist and Suntory employee. A graduate of Seijo University's School... more »

Yukari Ishii

石井 ゆかりは、日本の占星術師、ライター。 more »

Yuki Fukushima

Yuki Fukushima is a female Japanese badminton player who competed at 2012 Japan Super Series. more »

Yuki Furuta

Yuki Furuta is a member of the Supreme Court of Japan. more »

Yuki Kato

Yuki Kato is a paralympic athlete from Japan competing mainly in category T36 sprints... more »

Yuki Tanaka

Yuki Tanaka is a History Professor at Hiroshima University. He has written extensively about... more »

Yukie Ozawa

Yukie Ozawa is the child of Killer Khan. more »

Yukie Sato

사토 유키에는 일본 출신의 음악가이다. 최초 일본인 밴드 '곱창전골'로 널리 알려져 있으며 2009년 현재 서울에 거주하고 있다. 매달 전위음악가들을 모아 '불가사리'... more »

Yukika Sohma

Yukika Sohma was a Japanese scholar and the founder of the Association for Aid and Relief. She... more »

Yukiko Tomoe

Yukiko Tomoe is a retired Japanese professional wrestler. She is a former holder of the now... more »

Yukio Horigome

Yukio Horigome is a member of the Supreme Court of Japan. more »

Yukio Takeuchi

Yukio Takeuchi is a member of the Supreme Court of Japan. more »

Yukiyoshi Watanabe

Yukiyoshi Watanabe is a Japanese entrepreneur and author of the business and personal management... more »

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