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Zhirayr Poghosyan

Zhirayr Tevanovich Poghosyan is an Armenian politician and statesman, and fromer Prime Minister... more »

Zhong Kuangshi

Zhong Kuangshi was a warlord late in the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty, who briefly controlled... more »

Zhong Yongyuan

Zhong Yongyuan is a Paralympian athlete from China competing mainly in category F42-46 shot putt... more »

Zhongjie Pu

Zhongjie Pu 蒲忠杰 is a Chinese businessman. He founded Lepu Group Co Ltd in 1998 and now serves as... more »

Zhou Ben

Zhou Ben, formally Prince Gonglie of Xiping, was a general of the Chinese Five Dynasties and Ten... more »

Zhou Bi

Zhou Bi, was an official of the later Han Dynasty. He was the son of Zhou Shen. He was mentioned... more »

Zhou Chi

Zhou Chi, courtesy name Desheng, formally the Baron of Ru'nan, was an official of the Chinese... more »

Zhou Decai

Zhou Decai is a civil rights and democracy activist from Gushi county in Henan province, China... more »

Zhou Heping

Zhou Heping is Honorary Director of the National Library of China. more »

Zhou Jin Hua

In his works, Zhou Jin Hua, a painter based in Beijing and Chongqing, analyses diverse facades... more »

Zhou Kehua

Zhou Kehua was a Chinese gunman suspected of murder and robbery. According to Chinese media, he... more »

Zhou Libo

Zhou Libo, born as Zhou Shaoyi, was a Chinese novelist and translator. more »

Zhou Lin

Zhou Lin was a general of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty, who briefly ruled the de facto... more »

Zhou Longxiang

Zhou Longxiang was a politician in the Republic of China. He was an important politician during... more »

Zhou Wei

Zhou Wei is a Chinese constitutional law scholar and lawyer, professor at Sichuan University Law... more »

Zhou Wei

Zhou Wei is a Chinese zoologist, professor at Southwest Forestry College. Zhou was born in June... more »

Zhou Wenju

Zhou Wenju, also known as Chou Wen-chu, was a Chinese painter during the Five Dynasties and Ten... more »

Zhou Wenlei

I am student from China. more »

Zhou Yi

Zhou Yi is a Chinese pipa player. Zhou is from Shanghai. As a child prodigy, Zhou began studying... more »

Zhou Ying

Zhou Ying is a Chinese actress based in Singapore. A graduate of the Shanghai Theatre Academy,... more »

Zhou Yuan

Zhou Yuan. She is Chinese Volleyball player, now plays for Guangdong Evergrande. more »

Zhou Zong

Zhou Zong, courtesy name Juntai, was an official of the Chinese Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms... more »

Zhu Dake

Zhu Dake is a Chinese scholar, cultural critic and essayist. He was born in Shanghai and his... more »

Zhu Haowen

Zhu Haowen is the mayor of Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China. more »

Zhu Hua

Zhù Huá, female, is Professor of Applied Linguistics and Communication, at Birkbeck College,... more »

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