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Aristippus the Younger

Aristippus the Younger, of Cyrene, was the grandson of Aristippus of Cyrene, and is widely... more »

Aristo of Alexandria

Aristo of Alexandria, was a Peripatetic philosopher, and a contemporary of Strabo in the 1st... more »

Aristo of Ceos

Aristo of Ceos was a Peripatetic philosopher and a native of the island of Ceos, where his... more »

Aristo of Chios

Aristo or Ariston of Chios was a Stoic philosopher and colleague of Zeno of Citium. He outlined... more »

Aristobulus of Paneas

Aristobulus of Paneas was a Hellenistic Jewish philosopher of the Peripatetic school, though he... more »

Aristocles of Messene

Aristocles of Messene in Sicily, was a Peripatetic philosopher, who probably lived in the 1st... more »


Aristocreon was a Stoic philosopher and the nephew of Chrysippus. He was a son of the sister of... more »


Aristotle was a Greek philosopher and polymath, a student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the... more »


Aristoxenus of Tarentum was a Greek Peripatetic philosopher, and a pupil of Aristotle. Most of... more »


Arius was an ascetic North African Christian presbyter and priest in Alexandria, Egypt, of the... more »

Arius Didymus

Arius Didymus of Alexandria, was a Stoic philosopher and teacher of Augustus. Fragments of his... more »

Armin Mohler

Armin Mohler was a Swiss-born far right political writer and philosopher associated with the... more »

Arne Næss

Arne Dekke Eide Næss was a Norwegian philosopher who coined the term Deep Ecology and was an... more »

Arnold Gehlen

Arnold Gehlen was an influential conservative German philosopher, sociologist, and anthropologist. more »

Arnold Geulincx

Arnold Geulincx was a Flemish philosopher. He was one of the followers of René Descartes who... more »

Arnold Keyserling

Count Arnold Alexander Keyserling was a German philosopher and theologian. He is the son of... more »

Arnold Ruge

Arnold Ruge was a German philosopher and political writer. more »

Arnór Hannibalsson

Arnór Hannibalsson was an Icelandic philosopher, historian, and translator and former professor... more »


Arnouphis was an Egyptian philosopher who reportedly saved the army of Marcus Aurelius by... more »

Aroj Ali Matubbar

Aroj Ali Matubbar was a self-taught philosopher and apostate, of Bangladesh. He was born in... more »

Aron Gurwitsch

Aron Gurwitsch was a Litvak American phenomenologist. He was a student of Moritz Geiger, among... more »

Aron Katsenelinboigen

Aron Katsenelinboigen was a founder of predispositioning theory, a subject in decision theory... more »

Arrigo Cervetto

Arrigo Cervetto è stato un politico e rivoluzionario italiano. Fondatore nel 1965, con Lorenzo... more »

Arthur Balfour

Arthur James Balfour, 1st Earl of Balfour, KG, OM, PC, DL was a British Conservative politician... more »

Arthur Collier

Arthur Collier was an English Anglican priest and philosopher. more »

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