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Abraham Cohen de Herrera

Abraham Cohen de Herrera also known as Alonso Nunez de Herrera or Abraham Irira was a religious... more »

Abraham Edel

Abraham Edel was a North American philosopher and ethicist. He was the younger brother of the... more »

Abraham ibn Daud

Abraham ibn Daud was a Spanish-Jewish astronomer, historian, and philosopher; born at Cordoba,... more »

Abraham ibn Ezra

Rabbi Abraham Ben Meir Ibn Ezra was born at Tudela, Navarre in 1089, and died c. 1167,... more »

Abraham Isaac Kook

Abraham Isaac Kook was the first Ashkenazi chief rabbi of the British Mandatory Palestine, the... more »

Abraham Joshua Heschel

Abraham Joshua Heschel was a Polish-born American rabbi and one of the leading Jewish... more »

Abraham Kaplan

Abraham Kaplan was an American philosopher, known best for being the first philosopher to... more »

Abraham Kuyper

Abraham Kuijper, generally known as Abraham Kuyper, was a Dutch politician, journalist,... more »

Abraham Low

Abraham Low, was a Jewish-American neuropsychiatrist noted for his work establishing self-help... more »

Abraham Yagel

Abraham Yagel was an Italian Jewish catechist, philosopher, and cabalist. He lived successively... more »

Abram Deborin

Abram Moiseyevich Deborin was a Soviet Marxist philosopher and academician of the Soviet Academy... more »

Absar Ahmad

Absar Ahmad is a distinguished Pakistani philosopher. He is a brother of Dr. Israr Ahmad. He was... more »

Abu al-Hakam al-Kirmani

Abu al-Hakam al-Kirmani was a prominent philosopher and scholar from the Muslim al-Andalus. A... more »

Abu al-Hasan al-Ash'ari

Abū al-Hasan Alī ibn Ismā'īl al-Ash'arī was a Shafi'i scholar and theologian who founded the... more »

Abu Mansur Maturidi

Muhammad Abu Mansur al-Maturidi was an Persian Muslim theologian, and a scholar of Islamic... more »

Abu Tahir Marwazi

Qotb al-Zaman Muhammad Abu Tahir Marwazi was a 12th-century prominent Persian philosopher from... more »

Abu Yaqub al-Sijistani

Abu Yaqub al-Sijistani was an Persian Ismaili missionary and Neo-Platonic philosopher, who died... more »

Abu'l Hasan Muhammad Ibn Yusuf al-'Amiri

Abu al-Hassan Muhammad ibn Yusuf al-Amiri was a Muslim theologian and philosopher of Persian... more »

Abu'l-Barakāt al-Baghdādī

Abu'l-Barakāt Hibat Allah ibn Malkā al-Baghdādī was an Islamic philosopher and physician of... more »

Acharya Hemachandra

Acharya Hemachandra was a Jain scholar, poet, and polymath who wrote on grammar, philosophy,... more »

Achille Gagliardi

Achille Gagliardi, born at Padua, Italy, in 1537; died at Modena, 6 July 1607, was an ascetic... more »

Ada Albrecht

Ada Dolores Albrecht is an Argentinan author. She is also the founder of the Hastinapura... more »

Adalbertus Ranconis de Ericinio

Adalbertus Ranconis de Ericinio was a Czech theologian and philosopher. In 1355 he was appointed... more »

Adam de Buckfield

Adam de Buckfield was an English Franciscan philosopher, who taught at the University of Oxford... more »

Adam de Wodeham

Adam z Wodeham – angielski franciszkanin, filozof średniowieczny, przedstawiciel nominalizmu,... more »

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