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Alan of Lynn

Alan of Lynn, or Alanus de Lynna, a famous theologian of the first half of the fifteenth... more »

Alan Ryan

Alan James Ryan, FBA was Warden of New College, Oxford, and Professor of Politics at the... more »

Alan Soble

Alan Gerald Soble is an American philosopher and author of several books on the philosophy of... more »

Alan Turing

Alan Mathison Turing, OBE, FRS, was a British mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, and... more »

Alan Watts

Alan Wilson Watts was a British-born philosopher, writer, and speaker, best known as an... more »

Alasdair MacIntyre

Alasdair Chalmers MacIntyre is a Scottish philosopher primarily known for his contribution to... more »

Alastair Norcross

Alastair Norcross is an Associate Professor of philosophy specializing in normative ethics,... more »

Albert Borgmann

Albert Borgmann is a German-born American philosopher, specializing in the philosophy of... more »

Albert Camus

Albert Camus was a French Nobel Prize winning author, journalist, and philosopher. His views... more »

Albert Chernenko

Albert Konstantinovich Chernenko was a Russian philosopher, best known for his innovations in... more »

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist who developed the general theory of... more »

Albert Lautman

Albert Lautman was a French mathematical philosopher. An escaped prisoner of war, was shot by... more »

Albert of Saxony

Albert of Saxony was a German philosopher known for his contributions to logic and physics. He... more »

Albert Outler

Albert Cook Outler was a 20th-century American Methodist theologian and philosopher. Outler is... more »

Albert Rivaud

Albert Rivaud was a French philosopher and classical scholar. In 1908 he was appointed professor... more »

Albert Schweitzer

Albert Schweitzer, OM was a German—and later French—theologian, organist, philosopher,... more »

Alberto Jori

Alberto Jori, is an Italian Neo-Aristotelian philosopher. Born in Mantua, on his father's side... more »

Albertus Magnus

Albertus Magnus, O.P., also known as Albert the Great and Albert of Cologne, is a Catholic... more »


Albinus was a Platonist philosopher, who lived at Smyrna, and was teacher of Galen. A short... more »


Alcinous, or Alcinoos, or Alkinoos, was a Middle Platonist philosopher. He probably lived in the... more »

Alcmaeon of Croton

Alcmaeon of Croton was one of the most eminent natural philosophers and medical theorists of... more »


Alcuin of York, also called Ealhwine, Albinus or Flaccus, was an English scholar, ecclesiastic,... more »

Alejandro Korn

Alejandro Korn was an Argentine physician, psychiatrist, philosopher, reformist and politician... more »

Alejandro Rossi

Alejandro Rossi was a Mexican writer. Alejandro Rossi wrote philosophical essays, short stories... more »

Aleksandr Danilovich Aleksandrov

Aleksandr Danilovich Aleksandrov, was a Soviet/Russian mathematician, physicist, philosopher and... more »

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