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Franciscus Patricius

Franciscus Patricius was a philosopher and scientist from the Republic of Venice. He was known... more »

Franciscus van den Enden

Franciscus van den Enden was a former Jesuit, Neo-Latin poet, physician, art dealer,... more »

Francisque Bouillier

Francisque Bouillier was a French philosopher, born in Lyons. He studied at the École Normale... more »

Franciszek Fiszer

Franciszek Fiszer was a Polish bon-vivant, gourmand, erudite and philosopher, a friend of the... more »

Franco Bolelli

Franco Bolelli is one of the leading modern Italian philosophers. A very prolific writer with... more »

Franco Burgersdijk

Franco Petri Burgersdijk or Franciscus Burgersdicius, born Franck Pieterszoon Burgersdijk, was a... more »

François Châtelet

François Chatelet is an actor. more »

François Hemsterhuis

François Hemsterhuis was a Dutch writer on aesthetics and moral philosophy. The son of Tiberius... more »

François Laruelle

François Laruelle is a French philosopher, formerly of the Collège international de philosophie... more »

François Picavet

François Picavet was a French philosopher, translator and authority on Kant. He is now best... more »

François Pillon

François Thomas Pillon was a French philosopher. Pillon was associated with the neo-critical... more »

Françoise Meltzer

Françoise Meltzer is a professor of Philosophy of Religion at the University of Chicago Divinity... more »

Frank Ankersmit

Franklin Rudolf Ankersmit is professor of intellectual history and historical theory at the... more »

Frank Cameron Jackson

Frank Cameron Jackson AO is an Australian philosopher, currently Distinguished Professor and... more »

Frank Ebersole

Frank B. Ebersole was an American philosopher who developed a unique form of ordinary language... more »

Frank Knopfelmacher

Frank Knopfelmacher, was a Czech Jew who migrated to Australia in 1955 and became a psychology... more »

Frank Meyer

Frank Straus Meyer was an American philosopher and political activist best known for his theory... more »

Frank P. Ramsey

Frank Plumpton Ramsey was a precocious British philosopher, mathematician and economist who died... more »

Frank R. Wallace

Frank R. Wallace, born Wallace Ward, was an American author, publisher and mail-order magnate... more »

Frank Sibley

Frank Noel Sibley was a British philosopher who worked mainly in the field of aesthetics. He was... more »

Franklin Merrell-Wolff

Franklin Merrell-Wolff was an American philosopher. After formal education in philosophy and... more »

František Klácel

František Matouš Klácel was a Czech author, philosopher, pedagogue, and journalist from Bohemia... more »

Franz Brentano

Franz Clemens Honoratus Hermann Brentano was an influential German philosopher and psychologist... more »

Franz Joseph Gall

Franz Josef Gall was a neuroanatomist, physiologist, and pioneer in the study of the... more »

Franz Rosenzweig

Franz Rosenzweig was a Jewish theologian and philosopher. more »

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