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Henry Brewster Stanton

Henry Brewster Stanton was an American 19th century abolitionist and social reformer. more »

Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau was an American author, naturalist, transcendentalist, tax resister,... more »

Henry George

Henry George was an American writer, politician and political economist, who was the most... more »

Henry Harclay

Henry of Harclay was an English medieval philosopher and university chancellor. more »

Henry Home, Lord Kames

Henry Home, Lord Kames was a Scottish advocate, judge, philosopher, writer and agricultural... more »

Henry James Sr.

Henry James Sr. was an American theologian and adherent of Swedenborgianism, also known as the... more »

Henry Jones

Sir Henry Jones, was a Welsh philosopher and academic. He was born in Llangernyw, now in Conwy... more »

Henry Longueville Mansel

The Very Reverend Henry Longueville Mansel, D.D. was an English philosopher and ecclesiastic. more »

Henry Margenau

Henry Margenau was a German-U.S. physicist, and philosopher of science. more »

Henry More

Henry More FRS was an English philosopher of the Cambridge Platonist school. more »

Henry Odera Oruka

Henry Odera Oruka was a Kenyan philosopher who is best known for Sage Philosophy, a project... more »

Henry of Ghent

Henry of Ghent was a scholastic philosopher, known as Doctor Solemnis, and also as Henricus de... more »

Henry Pachter

Henry Maximillian Pachter, born Heinz Pächter, was a German-American twentieth century scholar... more »

Henry Scrimgeour

Henry Scrimgeour or Scrymgeour was a diplomat and book collector. more »

Henry Sidgwick

Henry Sidgwick was an English utilitarian philosopher and economist. He was one of the founders... more »

Henry. Corbin

Henry Corbin was a philosopher, theologian and professor of Islamic Studies at the Sorbonne in... more »

Heraclides Ponticus

Heraclides Ponticus, also known as Herakleides and Heraklides of Pontus, was a Greek philosopher... more »


Heraclitus of Ephesus was a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, a native of the Greek city Ephesus,... more »

Herbert Feigl

Herbert Feigl was an Austrian philosopher and a member of the Vienna Circle. more »

Herbert Gardiner Lord

Herbert Gardiner Lord was an American philosopher. more »

Herbert Marcuse

Herbert Marcuse was a German American philosopher, sociologist, and political theorist,... more »

Herbert McCabe

Herbert John Ignatius McCabe was an English-born Irish Dominican priest, theologian and... more »

Herbert Spencer

Herbert Spencer was an English philosopher, biologist, anthropologist, sociologist, and... more »

Herbert Spiegelberg

Herbert Spiegelberg was an American philosopher who played a prominent role in the advancement... more »

Herbert Witzenmann

Herbert Witzenmann was a German philosopher and anthroposophist. more »

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