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Leo Tolstoy

Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, also known as Leo Tolstoy, was a Russian writer who primarily... more »

Léon Brunschvicg

Léon Brunschvicg was a French Idealist philosopher. He co-founded the Revue de métaphysique et... more »

Leon Chwistek

Leon Chwistek was a Polish avant-garde painter, theoretician of modern art, literary critic,... more »

Leon Petrazycki

Leon Petrazycki was a Polish philosopher, legal scholar and sociologist. He is considered one of... more »

Leonard B. Meyer

Leonard B. Meyer was a composer, author, and philosopher. He contributed major works in the... more »

Leonard Borgzinner

Geir Arne Olsen, better known under his pen-name Leonard Borgzinner, was a Norwegian essayist,... more »

Leonard Hodgson

Leonard Hodgson was an Anglican priest, philosopher, theologian, historian of the early Church... more »

Leonard Nelson

Leonard Nelson was a German mathematician and philosopher. He was part of the Neo-Friesian... more »

Leonard Peikoff

Leonard S. Peikoff is a Canadian-American philosopher. A former professor of philosophy, he was... more »

Leonard Read

Leonard Edward Read was the founder of the Foundation for Economic Education, which was one of... more »

Leonardo Castellani

Leonardo Castellani, was an Argentine priest, essayist, novelist, poet and theologian. Born in... more »

Leonardo Polo

Leonardo Polo was a renowned Spanish philosopher best known for his philosophical method called... more »

Leone Battista Alberti

Leon Battista Alberti was an Italian humanist author, artist, architect, poet, priest, linguist,... more »

Leonid Grinin

Leonid Efimovich Grinin is a Russian philosopher of history, sociologist, political... more »

Leonid Stolovich

Leonid Naumovich Stolovich was a Russian–Estonian philosopher, Doctor of Philosophy and... more »

Leonteus of Lampsacus

Leonteus of Lampsacus, was a pupil of Epicurus early in the 3rd century BCE. He was the husband... more »


Leontion was a Greek Epicurean philosopher. She was a pupil of Epicurus and his philosophy. She... more »

Leopold Flam

Leopold Flam was a Belgian philosopher. Together with Alphonse Dewaelhens, Chaïm Perelman and... more »

Leopoldo Zea Aguilar

Leopoldo Zea was a Mexican philosopher. One of the integral Latin Americanism thinkers in... more »

Leslie Green

Leslie Green is a leading scholar in the analytic philosophy of law, or jurisprudence as it is... more »

Leszek Kołakowski

Leszek Kołakowski was a Polish philosopher and historian of ideas. He is best known for his... more »


Leucippus was one of the earliest Greeks to develop the theory of atomism — the idea that... more »

Lev Shestov

Lev Isaakovich Shestov, born Yehuda Leyb Schwarzmann, was a Russian existentialist philosopher... more »

Lewis Gordon

Lewis Ricardo Gordon is an American philosopher who works in the areas of Africana philosophy,... more »

Lewis Mumford

Lewis Mumford, KBE was an American historian, sociologist, philosopher of technology, and... more »

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