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Oskar Kraus

Oskar Kraus was a Czech philosopher and jurist. more »

Oskar Negt

Oskar Negt is a philosopher and social theorist in the tradition of critical theory. He is... more »

Ostad Elahi

Nur Ali Elahi was a spiritual thinker, musician and jurist who dedicated his life to... more »

Osvaldo Lira

José Luis Osvaldo Lira Pérez SS.CC. was a Chilean priest, philosopher and theologian. Author of... more »

Oswald Hanfling

Oswald Hanfling was a German philosopher who worked until his death at the Open University in... more »

Oswald Spengler

Oswald Arnold Gottfried Spengler was a German historian and philosopher of history whose... more »

Otfried Höffe

Otfried Höffe is a German philosopher and professor. From 1964 to 1970, he studied philosophy,... more »

Othmar Spann

Othmar Spann was a conservative Austrian philosopher, sociologist and economist whose radical... more »

Otto Bauer

Otto Bauer was an Austrian Social Democrat who is considered one of the leading thinkers of the... more »

Otto Friedrich Gruppe

Otto Friedrich Gruppe was a German philosopher, scholar-poet and philologist who served as... more »

Otto Liebmann

Otto Liebmann was a German philosopher. more »

Otto Mencke

Otto Mencke was a 17th-century German philosopher and scientist. He obtained his doctorate at... more »

Otto Neurath

Otto Neurath was an Austrian philosopher of science, sociologist, and political economist... more »

Otto von Gierke

Otto Friedrich von Gierke was a German lawyer and historian. In his four volume magnum opus... more »

Otto Walper

Otto Walper was a German theologian and philosopher. Otto Walper was born in Rotenburg an der... more »

Otto Weininger

Otto Weininger was an Austrian philosopher. In 1903, he published the book Geschlecht und... more »

Owen Barfield

Owen Barfield was a British philosopher, author, poet, and critic. Barfield was born in London... more »

Owen Flanagan

Owen Flanagan is the James B. Duke Professor of Philosophy and Professor of Neurobiology at Duke... more »

Oxford Calculators

The Oxford Calculators were a group of 14th-century thinkers, almost all associated with Merton... more »

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