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Per Martin-Löf

Per Erik Rutger Martin-Löf is a Swedish logician, philosopher, and mathematical statistician. He... more »


Perictione or Periktione was the mother of the Greek philosopher Plato. She was a descendant of... more »


Persaeus of Citium, son of Demetrius, was a Greek Stoic philosopher, and a friend and favourite... more »

Peter Achinstein

Peter Achinstein is an American philosopher of science. He is the Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein... more »

Peter Bieri

Pascal Mercier is a screenwriter. more »

Peter Carruthers

Peter Carruthers is a philosopher working primarily in the area of philosophy of mind. He is... more »

Peter Crockaert

Peter Crockaert, known as Peter of Brussels, was a Flemish scholastic philosopher. Initially he... more »

Peter D. Klein

Peter David Klein is a professor of philosophy and chair of the department at Rutgers... more »

Peter Dawkins

Peter Dawkins is a philosopher, seer, geomancer, historian, author, lecturer, workshop leader... more »

Peter Ernst von Lasaulx

Peter Ernst von Lasaulx was a German philologist and politician. He was born in Koblenz, and... more »

Peter Geach

Peter Thomas Geach, MA, FBA, was a British philosopher and Emeritus Professor of Logic at the... more »

Peter Glassen

Peter Glassen was a professor of philosophy at the University of Manitoba from 1949 until his... more »

Peter Hacker

Peter Michael Stephan Hacker is a British philosopher. His principal expertise is in the... more »

Peter Janich

Peter Janich is a professor of philosophy at the University of Marburg. Janich studied physics,... more »

Peter K. Unger

Peter K. Unger is a contemporary American philosopher and professor at New York University. His... more »

Peter Kaufmann

Peter Kaufmann was known as one of the "Ohio Hegelians", along with John Bernhard Stallo,... more »

Peter Kreeft

Peter John Kreeft is a professor of philosophy at Boston College and The King's College. He is... more »

Peter Lamarque

Peter Lamarque is a philosopher of art, working in the analytic tradition. Since 2000 he has... more »

Peter Lamborn Wilson

Peter Lamborn Wilson is an American post-anarchist author, primarily known for advocating the... more »

Peter Lipton

Peter Lipton was the Hans Rausing Professor and Head of the Department of History and Philosophy... more »

Peter Lombard

Peter Lombard, Peter the Lombard or Petrus Lombardus, was a scholastic theologian, Bishop of... more »

Peter Ludlow

Peter Ludlow, who also writes under the pseudonym Urizenus Sklar, is currently a professor of... more »

Peter Munz

Peter Munz was a philosopher and historian, Professor of the Victoria University of Wellington;... more »

Peter of Auvergne

Peter of Auvergne was a French philosopher and theologian. He was a canon of Paris; some... more »

Peter of Capua

Peter of Capua was an Italian theologian and scholastic philosopher, and a Cardinal and papal... more »

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