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Zaki al-Arsuzi

Zakī al-Arsūzī was a Syrian philosopher, philologist, sociologist, historian, and Arab... more »

Zaki Naguib Mahmoud

Zaki Naguib Mahmoud was an Egyptian intellectual and thinker, and is considered a pioneer in... more »


Zengzi, born Zeng Shen, courtesy name Ziyu, was a Chinese philosopher and student of... more »

Zeno of Citium

Zeno of Citium was a Greek thinker from Citium, Cyprus. He was probably of Phoenician descent... more »

Zeno of Elea

Zeno of Elea was a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher of southern Italy and a member of the Eleatic... more »

Zeno of Sidon

Zeno of Sidon was an Epicurean philosopher from the Phoenician city of Sidon. His writings do... more »

Zeno of Tarsus

Zeno of Tarsus was a Stoic philosopher. He was a pupil of Chrysippus, and when Chrysippus died... more »

Zeno Vendler

Zeno Vendler was an American philosopher of language, and a founding member and former director... more »

Zenon Pylyshyn

Zenon Pylyshyn is a Canadian cognitive scientist and philosopher. He holds degrees in... more »

Zera Yacob

Zera Yacob was a seventeenth-century Ethiopian philosopher. His 1667 treatise, known in the... more »

Zhan Ruoshui

Zhan Ruoshui, was a Chinese philosopher, educator and a Confucian scholar. more »

Zhang Heng

Zhang Heng was a Chinese astronomer, mathematician, inventor, geographer, cartographer, artist,... more »

Zhang Zai

Zhang Zai was a Chinese Neo-Confucian moral philosopher and cosmologist. more »

Zhelyu Zhelev

Zhelyu Mitev Zhelev is a Bulgarian politician and former dissident who served as the first... more »

Zheng Xuan

Zheng Xuan, courtesy name Kangcheng, was an influential Chinese commentator and Confucian... more »

Zhi Dun

Zhi Dun was a Chinese Buddhist monk and philosopher. A Chinese author, scholar, and confidant of... more »


Zhiyi is traditionally listed as the fourth patriarch, but is generally considered the founder... more »

Zhong Hu of Cai

Cai Zhong Hu, born Ji Hu, was the only known son of Ji Du, the first lord of Cai. Ji Du was... more »

Zhou Guoping

Zhou Guoping is a Chinese essay writer and scholar of philosophy from Shanghai, known for his... more »

Zhu Qianzhi

Zhu Qianzhi was a Chinese intellectual, translator and historian. more »

Zhu Xi

Zhu Xi or Chu Hsi was a Song Dynasty Confucian scholar who became the leading figure of the... more »

Zhu Xueqin

Zhu Xueqin is a Shanghai-based Chinese historian and public intellectual. He is a major exponent... more »


Zhuang Zhou, more commonly known as Zhuangzi, was an influential Chinese philosopher who lived... more »


Zichan, also known as Gongsun Qiao, was a statesman of the State of Zheng in ancient China... more »


Zisi, born Kong Ji, was a Chinese philosopher. more »

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