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August Sander

August Sander was a German portrait and documentary photographer. Sander's first book Face of... more »

August Strindberg

Johan August Strindberg was a Swedish playwright, novelist, poet, essayist and painter. A... more »

Auguste Maure

Auguste Maure is a French 19th-century photographer. more »

Auguste-Rosalie Bisson

Auguste-Rosalie Bisson was a French photographer, active from 1841 to the year of his death,... more »

Augusto Cabrita

Augusto Cabrita was a Portuguese film director and photographer. more »

Augusto De Luca

Augusto De Luca is an Italian artist and photographer. more »

Augusto Stahl

Theóphile Auguste Stahl or simply Augusto Stahl, as he was known in Brazil, was a... more »

Augustus Frederick Sherman

Augustus Frederick Sherman worked as a clerk at Ellis Island in the years 1892-1925. He was an... more »

Austin O'Brien

Austin Taylor O'Brien is an American actor and photographer. He may be best known for playing... more »

Austin Post

Austin S. Post was a photographer, glaciologist and mountaineer known for his aerial photography... more »

Austin Stevens

Austin Stevens is a South African-born herpetologist, wildlife photographer, film maker and... more »

Austin Swift

Austin Swift is a photographer. more »

Autumn de Wilde

Autumn de Wilde is an American photographer best known for her portraiture and commercial work... more »

Avery Willard

Avery Willard is a film director and film producer. more »

Avgust Berthold

Avgust Berthold was a Slovenian photographer who is associated with the Impressionist movement. more »

Axel Lindahl

Axel Theodor Lindahl was a Swedish photographer notable for his early photography of Norwegian... more »

Aya Kida

Aya Kida is a renowned Japanese photographer. more »

Ayao Emoto

Ayao Emoto was a renowned Japanese photographer. more »

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