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Adeyto is an artist, singer-songwriter, actress, director, photographer, university professor,... more »

Adi Barkan

Adi Barkan is an Israeli fashion photographer and model agent who has campaigned for legislation... more »

Adi Lavy

Adi Lavy is a photographer and journalist. more »

Adi Nes

Adi Nes is an Israeli photographer. more »

Adlan Khasanov

Adlan Khasanov was a Chechen, Russian journalist and photographer, killed in action in... more »

Adolf de Meyer

Baron Adolph de Meyer was a photographer famed for his elegant photographic portraits in the... more »

Adolf Forbert

Adolf Forbert was a cinematographer. more »

Adolf Zika

Adolf Zika is a Czech photographer. more »

Adolfo de Carolis

Adolfo de Carolis was an Italian painter, xylographer, illustrator and photographer who had a... more »

Adolfo Farsari

Adolfo Farsari was an Italian photographer based in Yokohama, Japan. Following a brief military... more »

Adolphe Sylvain

Adolphe Sylvain was a French-Tahitian photographer, best known for his black-and-white... more »

Adomas Varnas

Adomas Varnas was a prominent Lithuanian painter, photographer, collector, philanthropist, and... more »

Adonai Rocha

Adonai Rocha is a digital media specialist, multimedia professional, journalist, advertiser,... more »

Adrian Biddle

Adrian Biddle, B.S.C., was an English cinematographer. more »

Adrian Brannan

Adrian Brannan is a contemporary artist who works mainly in the medium of photo collage focusing... more »

Adrian Clarke

Adrian Clarke is an English photographer. Originally trained and practising as a civil liberties... more »

Adrian Stähli

Adrian Stähli is a cinematographer. more »

Adrian Weale

Adrian Weale is a British writer, journalist, historian, illustrator and photographer of Welsh... more »

Afshin Shahidi

Afshin Shahidi is a cinematographer. more »

Agnes Donnadieu

Agnes Donnadieu is the sister of Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu. more »

Agnès Varda

Agnès Varda is a Greek-French film director and professor at the European Graduate School. Her... more »

Agneya Singh

Agneya Singh is an Indian independent filmmaker, visual artist and documentary photographer. His... more »

Agustín Casasola

Agustín Víctor Casasola, others cite: was a Mexican photographer and partial founder of the... more »

Ahlam Shibli

Ahlam Shibli is a Palestinian Bedouin photographer based in Haifa. Her work explores themes of... more »

Ahmad Aali

Ahmad Aali is an Iranian photographer and artist. On September 24, 2010, a collection of Aali's... more »

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