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Cedric Van Mol

Cedric Van Mol is a photographer. more »

Cedric Wright

George Cedric Wright was an American violinist and wilderness photographer of the High Sierra... more »

Celso Brandão

Celso Brandão is a photographer who also directed a few documentaries. He can always be found at... more »

Cesar Mieses

Cesar Mieses is a Dominican photographer, best known for his experimental photographs of black... more »

Chad Nicholson

Chad Nicholson is a cinematographer and film producer. more »


Khun Chaiya was a Royal Court photographer in Siam. Between 1860 and 1879, Chaiya photographed... more »

Chantel Thomas

Chantel Thomas is the daughter of Viv Thomas. more »

Chapman Baehler

Chapman Baehler is a photographer and director primarily working with musicians. His photographs... more »

Chapman To

Chapman To, also known as To Man-chak, is a Hong Kong actor. He is best known for specializing... more »

Charles Belden

Charles Josiah Belden was a photographer and rancher who was famous for his visceral photographs... more »

Charles Chapman

Charles Chapman was a mountaineer and an avid photographer. more »

Charles Chellapah

Charles Chellapah was a Singaporean photojournalist of Indian origin who was killed... more »

Charles Clegg

Charles Myron Clegg, Jr., was an American author, photographer, and railroad historian. Clegg is... more »

Charles Clyde Ebbets

Charles Clyde Ebbets was an American photographer. He is one of several people who may have made... more »

Charles DeForest Fredricks

Charles DeForest Fredricks was an innovative American photographer. Fredricks learned the art of... more »

Charles Eggleston

Charles Richard Eggleston was a photographer with United Press International who was killed in... more »

Charles Fenno Jacobs

Charles Fenno Jacobs was an American photographer in the mid-20th century. more »

Charles Fletcher Lummis

Charles Fletcher Lummis was a United States journalist and Indian rights and historic... more »

Charles Frederick Newham

Charles Frederick Newham was a New Zealand photographer and filmmaker. Newham was born in... more »

Charles Gatewood

Charles Gatewood is a photographer, writer, videographer, artist, and educator living and... more »

Charles Gordon-Lennox, Earl of March and Kinrara

Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox, Earl of March and Kinrara is the heir apparent of the 10th Duke of... more »

Charles H. Carpenter

Charles H. Carpenter was an American photographer. He is notable for serving as the first... more »

Charles Harbutt

Charles Harbutt is an American photographer, a former president of Magnum, and full-time... more »

Charles Henri Ford

Charles Henri Ford was an American poet, novelist, filmmaker, photographer, and collage artist... more »

Charles Horetzky

Charles George Horetzky or Horetsky was a Canadian surveyor and photographer noted for his work... more »

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