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Ikkō Narahara

Ikkō Narahara is a Japanese photographer. Born in Fukuoka, Narahara studied law at Chuo... more »

Ikuo Nakamura

Ikuo Nakamura is a Japanese photographer. more »

Ilene Ito

Ilene Ito is a photographer. more »

Ilse Bing

Ilse Bing was a German avant-garde and commercial photographer who produced pioneering... more »

Ilya Spektor

Ilya Spektor is a photographer. more »

Imogen Cunningham

Imogen Cunningham was an American photographer known for her botanical photography, nudes, and... more »

Imran Anwar

Imran Anwar is a Pakistani American technologist, electrical engineer, business entrepreneur,... more »

Imre Kinszki

Imre Kinszki was a Jewish-Hungarian photographer. more »

India Whiley-Morton

India Whiley-Morton is the daughter of DJ Jo Whiley and Steve Morton. more »


Indrani is an Indo-Canadian director, photographer, and digital artist known for her... more »

Inge Morath

Ingeborg "Inge" Morath was an Austrian-born photographer. In 1953, she joined the Magnum Photos... more »

Ingeborg de Beausacq

Ingeborg de Beausacq was an American photographer and explorer of German origin more »

Ingo Arndt

Ingo Arndt is a 2004 World Press Photo Award for Nature winner. more »

Ingram Barss

Ingram Barss is a Juno Award nominated photographer. more »

Ingrid Chavez

Ingrid Julia Chavez is a Mexican-American poet, vocalist, songwriter and photographer. more »

Ingrid Falk

Ingrid Falk is a painter, installation artist and curator. In 1992 formed the art collective FA+... more »

Ingrid Pollard

Ingrid Pollard is a British artist and photographer. Her work uses portraiture photography and... more »

Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle

Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle is an American artist. Manglano-Ovalle was born in Madrid, Spain. He... more »

Inta Ruka

Inta Ruka is a Latvian photographer. Ruka received a scholarship from the Hasselblad Foundation... more »

Ioan Mihai Cochinescu

Ioan Mihai Cochinescu is a Romanian novelist and essayist. He is also a film script author and... more »

Ira Cohen

Ira Cohen was an American poet, publisher, photographer and filmmaker. Cohen lived in Morocco... more »

Ira Hill

Ira Hill was a photographer. more »

Ira Spring

Ira Spring was an American photographer, author, mountaineer and hiking advocate. He was the... more »

Irakly Shanidze

Irakly Shanidze; is an advertising, fashion, portrait photographer. more »

Irene Born

Irene Born was the mother of Olivia Newton-John and Rona Newton-John. She was a writer,... more »

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