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Juan Pando

Juan Pando Despierto is a Spanish historian. Juan Pando was born within a family of military... more »

Juan Paolo Aquino

Juan Paolo "Jaypee" Aquino is a Filipino TV director and photographer. He has been producing and... more »

Juan Rulfo

Juan Rulfo was a Mexican writer, screenwriter and photographer. One of Latin America's most... more »

Juanma Carrillo

Juanma Carrillo is a film director, film producer, film editor, screenwriter, and cinematographer. more »

Judah Passow

Judah Passow is a 1992 World Press Photo Award for Daily Life winner. He is also a 1997 and 1991... more »

Judith Kaufmann

Judith Kaufamann is a German cinematographer. more »

Judy Dater

Judy Dater is an American photographer and feminist. She is perhaps best known for her 1974... more »

Judy Fiskin

Judy Fiskin is an American artist working in photography and video, and a member of the art... more »

Judy Francesconi

Judy Francesconi is an American photographer who concentrates on black-and-white fine art... more »

Judy Helkenberg

Judy Helkenberg is an actress. more »

Juergen Teller

Juergen Teller is a German artist and fine-art and fashion photographer. more »

Jules Gervais-Courtellemont

Jules Gervais-Courtellemont was a French photographer who was famous for taking color... more »

Jules Itier

Jules Alphonse Eugène Itier French customs inspector and amateur daguerreotypist. Between 1842... more »

Jules Labarthe

Jules Labarthe is a cinematographer, film producer and photographer. He studied film at New York... more »

Jules-Claude Ziegler

Jules-Claude Ziegler was a French painter, ceramicist and photographer of the French... more »

Jules-Isaïe Benoît

Jules-Isaïe Benoît was a businessman and photographer from Lower Canada. Jules-Isaïe Benoît, who... more »

Julia Margaret Cameron

Julia Margaret Cameron was a British photographer. She became known for her portraits of... more »

Julia Solis

Julia Solis is a writer and photographer who investigates ruined urban spaces. She is the... more »

Julian Aster Ancker

Julian Aster Ancker was the first husband of Jean Arthur. more »

Julian Mandel

"Julian Mandel" is the identity given to one of the best-known commercial photographers of... more »

Julian Ronnefeldt

Julian Ronnefeldt, born in Essen, Germany, artist, photographer, veejay. After working as an... more »

Julie Blackmon

Julie Blackmon is a photographer who lives and works in Missouri. Blackmon's photographs are... more »

Julie Buck

Julie Anne Buck is an American film producer, collage artist, photographer, experimental... more »

Julie Doiron

Julie Doiron is an award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter of Acadian heritage. more »

Julie Enfield

Julie Enfield is a Canadian portrait photographer and author of the internationally acclaimed... more »

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