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Jacqueline Livingston

Jacqueline Louise Livingston was an American photographer known for her work exploring woman's... more »

Jacques Bourboulon

Jacques Bourboulon is a French photographer, specializing in nude photography. In 1967 he... more »

Jacques Brautbar

Jacques Brautbar is an American photographer, producer, writer and guitarist, formerly of rock... more »

Jacques Henri Lartigue

Jacques Henri Lartigue was a French photographer and painter, known for his photographs of... more »

Jacques Leiser

Jacques Leiser is an international artists manager and photographer who has represented and... more »

Jacques Lowe

Jacques Lowe was a photographer and publisher best known for his role as U.S. President John F... more »

Jacques-André Boiffard

Jacques-André Boiffard was a French photographer, born in Epernon in Eure-et-Loire. He was a... more »

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Jacques-Yves Cousteau AC was a French naval officer, explorer, conservationist, filmmaker,... more »

Jahangir Razmi

Jahangir Razmi is an award-winning Iranian photographer and the author of the entry that won the... more »

Jairo Goldfuss

Jairo Goldfuss is the spouse of Brazilian actress Gabriela Duarte. more »

Jakob Sildnik

Jakob Sildnik was an Estonian photographer and filmmaker, based in Tartu. Together with Fjodor... more »

Jam Sutton

James Sutton known as Jam Sutton is an English artist, photographer and music video director... more »

Jamel Shabazz

Jamel Shabazz is an African American, fashion, fine art, and documentary photographer. Shabazz... more »

James Abbe

James Abbe was an American photographer. more »

James Ambrose Cutting

James Ambrose Cutting was an American photographer and inventor, sometimes called the inventor... more »

James B. Dickman

James B Dickman, is an American photographer, he won the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for feature... more »

James B. Norman

James Burton Norman Jr. is an American photographer, author, and cultural historian. As an... more »

James Balog

James Balog is an American photographer whose work revolves around the relationship between... more »

James Bidgood

James Bidgood is an American artist living and working in New York City. more »

James Blackburn

James Blackburn is an actor, film editor, director, screenwriter, film and television producer... more »

James Chappell

James F. Chappell was an American astronomer and photographer. He worked at the Lick Observatory... more »

James Civis Jr

James Civis Jr is the father of T.J. Civis. more »

James Conran

James Conran is married to Coco Rocha. more »

James Fee

James Fee was an American photographer known for his images of abandoned factories and lonesome... more »

James H. Armfield

James H. Armfield is a photographer. more »

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