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Lorraine Monk

Lorraine Monk, OC, O.Ont, née Lorraine Althea Constance Spurrell is a Canadian photographer. Her... more »

Lotte Herrlich

Lotte Herrlich was a German photographer. She is regarded as the most important female... more »

Lotte Jacobi

Johanna Alexandra "Lotte" Jacobi was a German photographer, who immigrated to the United States... more »

Lou Bellera

Lou Bellera is married to the "Long Island Lolita" Amy Fisher.  Bellera sold a sex tape of... more »

Lou Brutus

Lou Brutus is an American radio personality, program director, voice-over talent, musician, and... more »

Lou Dematteis

Lou Dematteis is an American photographer and filmmaker whose work focuses on documenting... more »

Lou Reed

Lewis Allan "Lou" Reed is an American rock musician, songwriter, and photographer. He is best... more »

Louie Psihoyos

Louis Psihoyos is an American photographer and documentary film director known for his still... more »

Louis Antonelli

Louis Antonelli is a filmmaker and poet, born in Chicago, Illinois on July 28, 1962. He has... more »

Louis Arthur Ducos du Hauron

Louis Arthur Ducos du Hauron was a French pioneer of color photography. He was born in Langon,... more »

Louis Daguerre

Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre was a French artist and photographer, recognized for his invention... more »

Louis Désiré Blanquart-Evrard

Louis Désiré Blanquart-Evrard was a French cloth merchant by trade, but in the 1840s became a... more »

Louis Dodero

Not much is known about Louis Dodero of Marseilles other than he is credited for inventing the... more »

Louis Fabian Bachrach, Jr.

Louis Fabian Bachrach, Jr. was an American photographer, known for portraits of celebrities,... more »

Louis Held

Louis Held was a German photographer and a pioneer of photojournalism. Held was raised by... more »

Louis James Pesha

Louis James Pesha was a noted photographer of ships of the Great Lakes and early 20th century... more »

Louis Legrand

Louis Legrand was a French photographer based in Shanghai who may have been commissioned to... more »

Louis Mendes

Louis Mendes is a photographer from New York City who is known for his signature press camera,... more »

Louis R. Lowery

Louis R. "Lou" Lowery was a United States Marine Corps photographer best known for taking the... more »

Louis Rousselet

Louis-Théophile Marie Rousselet 1845-1929 was a French writer, a photographer and pioneer of the... more »

Louis Stettner

Louis Stettner is an American photographer of the 20th century whose work includes streetscapes,... more »

Louis-Auguste Bisson

Louis-Auguste Bisson was a 19th-century French photographer. Bisson opened a photographic studio... more »

Louise Dahl-Wolfe

Louise Emma Augusta Dahl was an American photographer. She is known primarily for her work for... more »

Louise Vyent

Louise Vyent is a Dutch model and portrait photographer. She studied fashion design in Amsterdam... more »

Louise Wightman

Louise Fitzgerald Wightman, better known as Lucy Wightman, is a writer, photographer, and... more »

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