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Mannie Garcia

Mannie Garcia is an American freelance photojournalist currently based in Washington, D.C. His... more »

Manny Crisostomo

Manny Crisostomo is a Pulitzer-prize winning photojournalist. more »

Manoocher Deghati

Manoocher Deghati is an Iranian-French photojournalist. more »

Manshichi Sakamoto

Manshichi Sakamoto was a renowned Japanese photographer. more »

Manu Brabo

Manu Brabo is a photographer. more »

Manuel Alberto Claro

Manuel Alberto Claro is a Chilean-Danish cinematographer. He was born in Santiago, Chile in... more »

Manuel Álvarez Bravo

Manuel Álvarez Bravo was Mexico’s first principal artistic photographer and is the most... more »

Manuel Rivera-Ortiz

Manuel Rivera-Ortiz is an award-winning stateside Puerto Rican photographer. He is best known... more »

Manzoor Alam Beg

Manzoor Alam Beg was a Bangladeshi photographer. He is a photographer of exceptional talent and... more »

Mar Elepano

Mariano "Mar" Elepano is a Filipino American independent filmmaker, teacher, and has been the... more »

Mara Faye Lethem

Mara Faye Lethem is a photographer and a writer. more »

Marc Aspland

Marc Aspland is an English photographer who works for The Times newspaper in London where he... more »

Marc Bryan-Brown

Marc Bryan-Brown is a photographer based in Manhattan, New York, USA. Bryan-Brown was educated... more »

Marc Cartwright

Marc Cartwright, is an American celebrity portrait photographer who runs a photography studio... more »

Marc Ferrez

Marc Ferrez was a Brazilian photographer born in Rio de Janeiro. Marc Ferrez was the son of the... more »

Marc Kollmuss

Marc Kollmuss is a photographer and a brother of Stefan Kollmuss. more »

Marc Piscotty

Marc Piscotty is a photographer and photojournalist. more »

Marc Riboud

Marc Riboud is a French photographer, best known for his extensive reports on the East: The... more »

Marcel Ichac

Marcel Ichac was a French alpinist, explorer, photographer and film director. Born in Rueil,... more »

Marcel Olis

Marcel Olis was a soldier, designer, photographer, and the ex-husband of Greta Granstedt. more »

Marcel Schlutt

Marcel Schlutt is a German fashion model, photographer and columnist. He came to prominence as a... more »

Marcin Filipowicz

Marcin Filipowicz is a film director and photographer. more »

Marcin Niewalda

Marcin Niewalda, genealogist, musician, photographer, member of Art-Club of Wieliczka,... more »

Marcin Tyszka

Marcin Tyszka is a Polish photographer. more »

Marco Breuer

Marco Breuer is a German photographer known for his radical approach to the medium. Much of his... more »

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