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Neil Stewart

Neil Stewart is an art and fashion photographer based in London. more »

Nellie Stockbridge

Nellie Stockbridge was an early Idaho frontier mining district photographer. Her career spanned... more »


Elli b.1899 - d.1998 was a Greek female photographer whose pictures of ancient Greek temples set... more »

Nelson Garcia

Nelson Garcia is an illustrator and photographer. more »

Nev Schulman

Yaniv "Nev" Schulman is an American producer, actor, and photographer. He is best known for the... more »

Neville Coleman

Neville Coleman OAM was an Australian naturalist, underwater nature photographer, writer,... more »

Neville Garrick

Neville Garrick is a Jamaican-born Los Angeles-based graphic artist, and photographer. He is a... more »

Ng Han Guan

Ng Han Guan is a photographer and photojournalist. more »

Nic Bishop

Nic Bishop is an author. more »

Nic Dunlop

Nic Dunlop is a photographer and author of The Lost Executioner, a book about how he tracked... more »

Nicéphore Niépce

Nicéphore Niépce March 7, 1765 – July 5, 1833 was a French inventor, most noted as one of the... more »

Nichola Gilchrist

Nichola Gilchrist is an actress. more »

Nicholas Nixon

Nicholas Nixon is a photographer, known for his work in portraiture and documentary photography,... more »

Nicholaus Goossen

Nicholaus Edward Goossen is a director, and a photographer. more »

Nick Brandt

Nicholas Brandt is a film director and a photographer. more »

Nick Danziger

Nick Danziger is a British photographer, film maker and travel writer. He was born in... more »

Nick Donald

Nick Donald is an actor and photographer. more »

Nick Knight

Nick Knight OBE is a British fashion photographer, documentary photographer, and web... more »

Nick Koudis

Nick Koudis is an American photographer known for images that have a double meaning that poke... more »

Nick Mansky

Nick Mansky is a photographer. more »

Nick Nostitz

Nick Nostitz is the professional name of 'Nikolaus Freiherr von Nostitz' - a German photographer... more »

Nick Shaw

Nick Shaw is an independent film maker and background artist. He is known for his direction,... more »

Nick Sinclair

Nicholas Sinclair is a British photographer born in London. Sinclair studied Fine Art at the... more »

Nick Sinclair

Nick Sinclair is a photographer from the United Kingdom. The National Portrait Gallery in London... more »

Nick Slatkin

Nick Slatkin is an actor, film producer, screenwriter and film director. more »

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