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E. Converse Peirce 2nd

Edmund Converse Peirce 2nd was an American physician who was Professor and Director of... more »

E. Donnall Thomas

Edward Donnall "Don" Thomas was an American physician, professor emeritus at the University of... more »

E. Keith Polk

E. Keith Polk is a physician and actor. more »

E. M. L. Endeley

Emmanuel Mbela Lifafa Endeley was a Cameroonian politician who led Southern Cameroonian... more »

E. M. V. Naganathan

Dr. E. M. V. Naganathan was a Sri Lankan physician and politician, representing Nallur, Jaffna... more »

E. R. Squibb

Edward Robinson Squibb was a leading American inventor and manufacturer of pharmaceutics who... more »

E.M. Wijerama

E.M. Wijerama, FRCP was a Sri Lankan physician and philanthropist. He was the first President of... more »

Éamonn Moore

Éamonn Moore is a physician, novelist and author. more »

Earle Haas

Earle Haas, D.O., born in 1888, was an osteopathic physician and inventor of the tampon with an... more »

Earle Page

Sir Earle Christmas Grafton Page, GCMG, CH was an Australian politician who briefly served as... more »

Ebenezer Sage

Ebenezer Sage was a United States Representative from New York. more »

Ebenezer Sibly

Ebenezer Sibly was an English physician, astrologer and writer on the occult. more »

Ecaterina Arbore

Ecaterina Arbore, Arbore-Ralli or Ralli-Arbore, daughter of Zamfir Arbore, was a Romanian,... more »

Ed Roberts

Henry Edward "Ed" Roberts was an American engineer, entrepreneur and medical doctor who invented... more »

Ed Rosenbaum

Ed Rosenbaum was a physician. more »

Eddy Bensoussan

Eddy Bensoussan is a Brazilian physician. Bensoussan graduated in 1962 with a specialty in... more »

Eddy Furniss

Wilburn Edward "Eddy" Furniss III is an American retired professional baseball first baseman and... more »

Eden Paul

Maurice Eden Paul, most commonly known simply as Eden Paul was a socialist physician, writer and... more »

Edgar Crookshank

Edgar March Crookshank was an English physician and microbiologist. more »

Edgar Hull

Edgar Hull, Jr., was a physician from Louisiana and in 1931 a founding faculty member of the... more »

Edgar Schoen

Dr. Edgar J. Schoen is an American physician, who works as a Clinical Professor in Pediatrics at... more »

Edgar Van Nuys Allen

Edgar Van Nuys Allen was an American doctor who was a native of Cozad, Nebraska. He is... more »

Edgardo Enríquez

Edgardo Enríquez Frödden was a Chilean physician, academic and minister of education under the... more »

Edinburgh Seven

The Edinburgh Seven were the first group of women medical students at a university in the United... more »

Edith Lucie Bongo

Édith Lucie Bongo Ondimba was the First Lady of Gabon as the wife of President Omar Bongo from... more »

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