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I. Bernard Weinstein

I. Bernard Weinstein was an American physician and researcher who studied the effect of... more »

I. Kathleen Hagen

Dr. Idella Kathleen Hagen is a former medical doctor who gained notoriety for being accused of... more »

Iain Chalmers

Sir Iain Chalmers is a British health services researcher, one of the founders of the Cochrane... more »

Ian Baxter McMillan

Ian Baxter McMillan is a forensic police surgeon and father of Robbie Coltrane. more »

Ian Brockington

Ian Brockington was the son of Colin Fraser Brockington, one of the top names in British... more »

Ian Clarke

Dr. Ian Clarke is a physician, missionary, philanthropist, politician and entrepreneur, resident... more »

Ian Donald

Ian Donald was a Scottish physician who pioneered the use of diagnostic ultrasound in medicine... more »

Ian Hassall

Ian Hassall is a New Zealand paediatrician and children's advocate. He was New Zealand's first... more »

Ian Johnston

Ian Johnston was one of the true pioneers of reproductive medicine in Australia. He was a... more »

Ian McWhinney

Ian Renwick McWhinney, OC, FRCGP, FCFP, FRCP, was an English physician and academic known as the... more »

Ian Smith

Ian K. Smith, M.D. is an American physician and author best known for his appearances on VH1's... more »

Ibn Abi Usaibia

Ibn Abi Usaibia, an Arab physician and historian, was born at Damascus, a descendant of the Banu... more »

Ibn al-Baitar

Ibn al-Bayṭār al-Mālaqī, Ḍiyāʾ Al-Dīn Abū Muḥammad ʿAbdllāh Ibn Aḥmad was a Muslim scientist,... more »

Ibn al-Jazzar

Ahmed Ben Jaafar Ben Brahim Ibn Al Jazzar Al-Qayrawani, was an influential 10th-century Muslim... more »

Ibn al-Nafis

Ala-al-din abu Al-Hassan Ali ibn Abi-Hazm al-Qarshi al-Dimashqi, known as Ibn al-Nafis, was an... more »

Ibn al-Quff

Amīn-ad-Daula Abu-'l-Faraǧ ibn Yaʻqūb ibn Isḥāq Ibn al-Quff al-Karaki was an Arab physician and... more »

Ibn Al-Thahabi

Abu Mohammed Abdellah Ibn Mohammed Al-Azdi, known also as Ibn Al-Thahabi, was an Arab physician,... more »

Ibn Hubal

Muhadhdhib al-Dīn Abūʼl-Hasan ʻAlī ibn Ahmad Ibn Hubal known as Ibn Hubal was an Arab physician... more »

Ibn Tufail

Ibn Tufail was an Andalusian Muslim polymath: a writer, novelist, Islamic philosopher, Islamic... more »

Ibrahim al-Jaafari

Ibrahim al-Eshaiker al-Jafari is an Iraqi politician who was Prime Minister of Iraq in the Iraqi... more »

Ibrahim B. Syed

Ibrahim Bijli Syed is an American Muslim and radiologist. He was born in Bellary, Karnataka, the... more »

Ichirō Kamoshita

Ichirō Kamoshita is a Japanese politician and doctor, who served as Minister of the Environment... more »

Iddo Netanyahu

Iddo Netanyahu is an Israeli physician, author and playwright. He is the younger brother of... more »

Ignacio Chávez Sánchez

Dr. Ignacio Chávez Sánchez was a prominent Mexican physician. more »

Ignacy Żagiell

Ignacy Żagiell was a physician, traveler and Polish-language writer, descending from Lithuanian... more »

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