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O. E. H. Wucherer

Otto Edward Henry Wucherer was a Brazilian physician, born to a Dutch mother and German... more »

Obadiah ben Jacob Sforno

Obadiah ben Jacob Sforno was an Italian rabbi, Biblical commentator, philosopher and physician... more »

Obadiah Johnson

Dr. Obadiah Johnson born in Freetown, Sierra Leone was a Creole who was the second Nigerian to... more »

Obrad Zelić

Obrad Zelic is a regular professor of parodontology and oral medicine at the University of... more »

Odette Nyiramilimo

Odette Nyiramilimo is a Rwandan physician and senator. She served as Minister of State for... more »

Ogata Kōan

Ogata Kōan was a Japanese physician who lived in the Edo period. He is well known for importing... more »

Ogino Ginko

Ogino Ginko was the first licensed and practicing woman physician of western medicine in Japan. more »

Ola Didrik Saugstad

Ola Didrik Saugstad is a Norwegian pediatrician, who is internationally recognized for his... more »

Olaus Rudbeck

Olaus Rudbeck was a Swedish scientist and writer, professor of medicine at Uppsala University... more »

Ole Borch

Ole Borch was a Danish scientist, physician, grammarian, and poet, most famous today for being... more »

Ole Danbolt Mjøs

Ole Danbolt Mjøs is a Norwegian physician and politician for the Christian Democratic Party. A... more »

Ole Worm

Ole Worm, who often went by the Latinized form of his name Olaus Wormius, was a Danish physician... more »

Oleg Kotov

Oleg Valeriyevich Kotov was born on October 27th, 1965, in Simferopol, Crimean oblast in the... more »

Olfert Dapper

Olfert Dapper was a Dutch physician and writer. He wrote books about history and geography,... more »

Olive Wood

Olive Wood is a physician. more »

Oliver C. Comstock

Oliver Cromwell Comstock was a United States Representative from New York. more »

Oliver Goldsmith

Oliver Goldsmith was an Irish novelist, playwright and poet, who is best known for his novel The... more »

Oliver Sacks

Oliver Sacks is a film story contributor. more »

Olivier Robitaille

Olivier Robitaille was a physician and businessman in Lower Canada. He was mayor of Quebec City... more »

Olof af Acrel

Olof af Acrel, known before his ennoblement in 1780 as Olof Acrel, was a surgeon and physician... more »

Oluwakayode Osuntokun

Osuntokun, 1935–1995, was a pioneering Nigerian researcher and neurologist from Okemesi, Ekiti... more »

Omer Nishani

Doctor Omer Nishani was an Albanian political figure involved first in the struggle against... more »

Ondřej Hádek

Ondřej Hádek is a physician, and brother of Matěj Hádek and Kryštof Hádek. more »

Oni Emmanuel Idigbe

Oni Emmanuel Idigbe is the immediate past Director General of the Nigerian Institute of Medical... more »


Oribasius or Oreibasius was a Greek medical writer and the personal physician of the Roman... more »

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