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Theodor Morell

Theodor Gilbert Morell was Adolf Hitler's personal physician. Morell was well-known in Germany... more »

Theodore C. Lyster

Brigadier General Theodore C. Lyster, M.D. was a United States Army physician and aviation... more »

Théodore de Mayerne

Sir Théodore Turquet de Mayerne was a Swiss-born physician who treated kings of France and... more »

Theodore Drake

Theodore G.H. Drake, MD was a Canadian pediatrician and one of three doctors that developed Pablum. more »

Theodore Dyke Acland

Theodore Dyke Acland MD, FRCP, FRCS was a British physician, surgeon and author and was the... more »

Theodore F. Chamberlain

Theodore F. Chamberlain was an Ontario physician, businessman and political figure. He... more »

Theodore Isaac Rubin

Theodore Isaac Rubin is an American psychiatrist and author. more »

Théodore Robitaille

Théodore Robitaille, PC was a Canadian physician, politician, and the fourth Lieutenant Governor... more »

Théodore Tronchin

Théodore Tronchin was a Swiss physician. more »

Theodore W. Houk

Theodore W. Houk was a physician in Seattle, Washington during the mid 1900s. He was one of the... more »

Theodoric Borgognoni

Theodoric Borgognoni, also known as Teodorico de'Borgognoni, and Theodoric of Lucca, was an... more »

Theodorus Janssonius van Almeloveen

Theodorus Janssonius van Almeloveen was a Dutch physician, and the learned editor of various... more »

Theodric Romeyn Beck

Theodric Romeyn Beck, alternatively Theodoric Romeyn Beck or T. Romeyn Beck, was an American... more »

Theophanes Nonnus

Theophanes Nonnus or Nonnos, originally Theophanes Chrysobalantes or Chrysobalantites was a... more »

Theophil Mitchell Prudden

Theophil Mitchell Prudden was an American pathologist, born at Middlebury, Connecticut. He... more »

Théophile Alajouanine

Théophile Alajouanine was a French neurologist. Théophile Alajouanine was born in Verneix,... more »

Theophilus Thompson

Theophilus Thompson, M.D., F.R.S. was a prominent London physician of the Victorian era known... more »

Théophraste Renaudot

Théophraste Renaudot was a French physician, philanthropist, and journalist. Mark Tungate has... more »

Thérèse de Lisieux

Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, or Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face, O.C.D., was a... more »

Theron Randolph

Theron Randolph was a physician, allergist, and researcher from the United States. He studied... more »


Thessalus, a physician from ancient Greece, and the son of Hippocrates, the famous physician. He... more »

Thomas Addis

Thomas Chalmers Addis Jr. was a physician-scientist who made important contributions to the... more »

Thomas Addison

Thomas Addison was a renowned 19th-century English physician and scientist. He is traditionally... more »

Thomas Ady

Thomas Ady was an English physician and humanist who was the author of three sceptical books on... more »

Thomas Allinson

Thomas Richard Allinson was a British doctor, dietetic reformer, businessman and journalist. He... more »

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