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Thomas Linacre

Thomas Linacre was a humanist scholar and physician, after whom Linacre College, Oxford and... more »

Thomas Maley Harris

Thomas Maley Harris was a physician and Union general during the Civil War. Born and raised in... more »

Thomas Marshburn

Thomas Henry "Tom" Marshburn is an American physician and a NASA astronaut. Marshburn was born... more »

Thomas Masterman Winterbottom

Dr. Thomas Masterman Winterbottom was an English physician, philanthropist and abolitionist... more »

Thomas McCrae

Thomas McCrae was Professor of Medicine at Jefferson Medical College, and student and later... more »

Thomas McPherson Brown

Thomas McPherson Brown was a renowned rheumatologist who, over a medical career spanning 50... more »

Thomas Meagher

Sir Thomas William Meagher was a medical practitioner who, starting in 1939, served as Lord... more »

Thomas Michael Greenhow

Thomas Michael Greenhow was a medical doctor. Born in Leeds, he spent much of his working life... more »

Thomas Monro

Thomas Monro was a British art collector and patron. He was Principal Physician of the Bethlem... more »

Thomas Muffet

Thomas Muffet was an English naturalist and physician. He is best known for his Puritan beliefs,... more »

Thomas Neill Cream

Dr. Thomas Neill Cream, also known as the Lambeth Poisoner, was a Scottish-Canadian serial... more »

Thomas Nettleton

Thomas Nettleton was an English physician who carried out some of the earliest systematic... more »

Thomas P. Dooley

Thomas P. Dooley is the author of Praying Faith, Hope When Everything Seems Hopeless, and... more »

Thomas P. Stossel

Thomas P. Stossel is an educator and brother of journalist John Stossel. more »

Thomas Pennington Lucas

Thomas Pennington Lucas was a Scottish-born Australian medical practitioner, naturalist, author,... more »

Thomas Penny

Thomas Penny was an English physician and early entomologist. His solo works have not survived... more »

Thomas Percival

Thomas Percival FRS FRSE FSA was an English physician and author, best known for crafting... more »

Thomas Phaer

Thomas Phaer was an English lawyer, pediatrician, and author. He is best known as the author of... more »

Thomas Richardson Colledge

Thomas Richardson Colledge was a Scottish surgeon with the East India Company at Guangzhou who... more »

Thomas Scott Strathairn, Jr.

Thomas Scott Strathairn Jr. is a physician and the father of actor David Strathairn. more »

Thomas Simpson Sproule

Thomas Simpson Sproule was a Canadian parliamentarian, Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons... more »

Thomas Solomon

Thomas Solomon is a physician and the son of actress Anne Wyndham. more »

Thomas Southwood Smith

Southwood Smith was an English physician and sanitary reformer. more »

Thomas Starzl

Thomas Earl Starzl is an American physician, researcher, and is an expert on organ transplants... more »

Thomas Stephen Cullen

Thomas Stephen Cullen was a Canadian gynecologist associated with Johns Hopkins Hospital. Born... more »

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