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Anton Zeilinger

Anton Zeilinger is an Austrian quantum physicist who in 2008 received the Inaugural Isaac Newton... more »

Antonino Zichichi

Antonino Zichichi is an Italian physicist who has worked in the field of nuclear physics. An ISI... more »

Antonio Pacinotti

Antonio Pacinotti was an Italian physicist, who was Professor of Physics at the University of Pisa. more »

Antonius van den Broek

Antonius Johannes van den Broek was a Dutch amateur physicist notable for being the first who... more »

Antony Garrett Lisi

Antony Garrett Lisi, known as Garrett Lisi, is an American theoretical physicist and adventure... more »

Antony Valentini

Antony Valentini is a theoretical physicist and a professor at Clemson University. He is known... more »

Antun Karlo Bakotić

Antun Karlo Bakotić was a Croatian writer and physicist. He studied mathematics and physics at... more »

Anwar Ali

Anwar Ali, born: 1945 in Lahore, British Punjab State, British Indian Empire, is a Pakistani... more »

Ányos Jedlik

Ányos István Jedlik was a Hungarian inventor, engineer, physicist, and Benedictine priest. He... more »

Apoorva D. Patel

Apoorva D. Patel is a Professor at the Centre for High Energy Physics, Indian Institute of... more »

Archibald Hill

A. V. Hill, christened Archibald Vivian, CH OBE FRS, was an English physiologist, one of the... more »

Archibald Howie

Archibald "Archie" Howie CBE, FRS is a British physicist, known for his pioneering work on the... more »

Archibald Low

Archibald Montgomery Low was an English consulting engineer, research physicist and inventor,... more »


Archimedes of Syracuse was a Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer... more »


Archytas was an Ancient Greek philosopher, mathematician, astronomer, statesman, and strategist... more »

Ardeshir Hosseinpour

Ardeshir Hosseinpour was an Iranian junior scientist, assistant professor, and authority on... more »

Arend Joan Rutgers

Arend Joan Rutgers was a Dutch/Belgian physical chemist. Arend Joan Rutgers went to high school... more »

Arie Bodek

Arie Bodek is an American experimental particle physicist and George E. Pake Professor of... more »

Arjun Makhijani

Arjun Makhijani is an American electrical and nuclear engineer who is President of the Institute... more »

Arkady Migdal

Arkady Beynusovich Migdal was a Soviet physicist, member of the USSR Academy of Sciences. He... more »

Arlie Petters

Arlie O. Petters, MBE is a Belizean American mathematical physicist, who is the Benjamin Powell... more »

Arno Allan Penzias

Arno Allan Penzias is an American physicist, radio astronomer and Nobel laureate in physics who... more »

Arnold Eucken

Arnold Eucken was a German chemist and physicist. more »

Arnold Hyatt

Arnold Hyatt is a physicist and the father of Ron Jeremy. more »

Arnold Kosevich

Arnold M. Kosevich was a Soviet Ukrainian physicist, known for contributions to the electron... more »

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