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Arnold Kramish

Arnold Kramish is a 1966 Guggenheim Fellow in Social Sciences. more »

Arnold Mindell

Arnold Mindell - amerykański psychoterapeuta, psycholog, twórca nowej orientacji psychologicznej... more »

Arnold Sommerfeld

Arnold Johannes Wilhelm Sommerfeld, ForMemRS was a German theoretical physicist who pioneered... more »

Arpad Elo

Arpad Emrick Elo is the creator of the Elo rating system for two-player games such as chess... more »

Arthur Ashkin

Arthur Ashkin is a retired scientist who worked at Bell Laboratories and Lucent Technologies. He... more »

Arthur B. C. Walker, Jr.

Arthur Bertram Cuthbert Walker, Jr. was a solar physicist and a pioneer of EUV/XUV optics. He is... more »

Arthur Compton

Arthur Holly Compton was an American physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1927 for... more »

Arthur Covington

Arthur Edwin Covington is a Canadian physicist who made the first radio astronomy measurements... more »

Arthur Edward Ruark

Arthur Edward Ruark was an American physicist who actively played a role in the development of... more »

Arthur Erich Haas

Arthur Erich Haas was an Austrian physicist, noted for a 1910 paper he submitted in support of... more »

Arthur Gordon Webster

Arthur Gordon Webster was the founder of the American Physical Society. more »

Arthur H. Rosenfeld

Arthur H Rosenfeld is a former Commissioner of the California Energy Commission, serving from... more »

Arthur Iberall

Arthur S. Iberall was an American physicist and engineer who was a pioneer of homeokinetics. more »

Arthur Jaffe

Arthur Jaffe is an American mathematical physicist and a professor at Harvard University. more »

Arthur Jeffrey Dempster

Arthur Jeffrey Dempster was a Canadian-American physicist best known for his work in mass... more »

Arthur König

Arthur Peter König devoted his short life to physiological optics. Born with congenital kyphosis... more »

Arthur Korn

Arthur Korn was a German-born physicist, mathematician and inventor. He was involved in the... more »

Arthur Leonard Schawlow

Arthur Leonard Schawlow was an American physicist. He is best remembered for his work on lasers,... more »

Arthur Louis Day

Arthur Louis Day was an American geophysicist and volcanologist. He studied high temperature... more »

Arthur Maitland

Arthur Maitland was born on 7 December 1928 in Blackburn, England. He gained his BSc Physics... more »

Arthur March

Arthur March was an Austrian physicist. From 1909 he studied mathematics and physics at the... more »

Arthur Morin

Arthur Jules Morin was a French physicist. He conducted experiments in mechanics and invented... more »

Arthur Prince Chattock

Arthur Prince Chattock, FRS was a British physicist. Chattock was educated at University College... more »

Arthur R. von Hippel

Arthur Robert von Hippel was a German American materials scientist and physicist. Von Hippel was... more »

Arthur S. Lodge

Arthur Scott Lodge was a prominent rheologist and the originator of the Lodge elastic liquid... more »

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