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Alan Cottrell

Sir Alan Howard Cottrell, FRS was a English metallurgist and physicist. more »

Alan Fowler

Alan B. Fowler ForMemRS is an American physicist. more »

Alan Fry

Alan Fry was a physicist and inventor. more »

Alan Guth

Alan Harvey Guth is an American theoretical physicist and cosmologist. Guth has researched... more »

Alan H Cook

Sir Alan Hugh Cook FRS was a British physicist who specialised in geophysics, astrophysics and... more »

Alan Head

Alan Kenneth Head AO, FAA, FRS was an Australian physicist, and Chief of the Division of... more »

Alan J. Heeger

Alan Jay Heeger is an American physicist, academic and Nobel Prize laureate in chemistry. more »

Alan Lightman

Alan Lightman is an astrophysicist, author and a professor. more »

Alan Lloyd Hodgkin

Sir Alan Lloyd Hodgkin, OM, KBE, PRS was an English physiologist and biophysicist, who shared... more »

Alan M. Portis

Alan M. Portis was an American a solid-state physicist. more »

Alan Nunn May

Alan Nunn May was a British physicist, and a confessed and convicted Soviet spy, who supplied... more »

Alan Sokal

Alan David Sokal is a professor of mathematics at University College London and professor of... more »

Alan Tower Waterman

Alan Tower Waterman was an American physicist. Born in Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York, he grew up... more »

Alastair G. W. Cameron

Alastair G. W. Cameron was a Canadian astrophysicist and space scientist who was an eminent... more »

Albert Abraham Michelson

Albert Abraham Michelson was an American physicist known for his work on the measurement of the... more »

Albert Allen Bartlett

Albert Allen Bartlett was an emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of Colorado at... more »

Albert Baez

Albert Vinicio Baez was a prominent Mexican-American physicist, and the father of singers Joan... more »

Albert Beaumont Wood

Albert Beaumont Wood OBE DSc, better known as A B Wood, was a British physicist, known for his... more »

Albert Betz

Albert Betz, was a German physicist and a pioneer of wind turbine technology. more »

Albert Crewe

Albert Victor Crewe was a British born American physicist and inventor of the modern scanning... more »

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist who developed the general theory of... more »

Albert Fert

Albert Fert is a French physicist and one of the discoverers of giant magnetoresistance which... more »

Albert J. Libchaber

Albert J. Libchaber is a Detlev W. Bronk Professor at Rockefeller University. He won the Wolf... more »

Albert Kónya

Albert Kónya was a Hungarian physicist and politician, who served as Minister of Education... more »

Albert Messiah

Albert Messiah was a French physicist. He spent the Second World War in the French Resistance:... more »

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