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Albert Overhauser

Albert W. Overhauser was an American physicist and a member of the National Academy of Sciences... more »

Albert Percival Rowe

Albert Percival Rowe, CBE was a radar pioneer and university vice-chancellor. A British... more »

Albert Potter Wills

Albert Potter Wills was an American physicist who researched magnetic materials and was the PhD... more »

Albert Rose

Albert Rose was an American physicist, who made major contributions to TV video camera tubes... more »

Albert Tarantola

Albert Tarantola was a Catalan-born physicist, of the University of Paris, and author of the... more »

Albert Victor Bäcklund

Albert Victor Bäcklund was a Swedish mathematician and physicist. He was a professor at Lund... more »

Albert von Ettingshausen

Albert von Ettingshausen was an Austrian physicist. He was professor of physics at Graz... more »

Albert Zylberstein

Albert Zylberstein is a physicist. more »

Albert-László Barabási

Albert-László Barabási is a Hungarian-American physicist born in Transylvania, Romania, best... more »

Albrecht Fölsing

Albrecht Fölsing is a trained physicist turned into a scientific journalist. Having studied... more »

Albrecht Unsöld

Albrecht Otto Johannes Unsöld was a German astrophysicist known for his contributions to... more »

Aldert Van der Ziel

Prof. Dr. Aldert van der Ziel, was a Dutch physicist who studied electronic noise processes in... more »

Alec Merrison

Sir Alexander Walter Merrison FRS, was a British physicist born in Wood Green, London on 20... more »

Alejandro Corichi

Alejandro Corichi is a theoretical physicist working at the Quantum Gravity group of the... more »

Aleksandar Despić

Aleksandar Despić was a Serbian physicist. Despić received his PhD degree from the Imperial... more »

Aleksander Jabłoński

Professor Aleksander Jabłoński was a Polish physicist and member of the Polish Academy of... more »

Aleksander Zawadzki

Aleksander Zawadzki, born Józef Antoni Zawadzki, was a Polish naturalist, author of flora and... more »

Aleksandr Andronov

Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Andronov was a Soviet physicist and member of the Soviet Academy of... more »

Aleksandr Chudakov

Aleksandr Evgenievich Chudakov was a Soviet Russian physicist in the field of cosmic-ray... more »

Aleksandr Danilovich Aleksandrov

Aleksandr Danilovich Aleksandrov, was a Soviet/Russian mathematician, physicist, philosopher and... more »

Aleksandr Gurevich

Aleksandr Viktorovich Gurevich is a Soviet and Russian physicist. In 1992 he proposed the theory... more »

Aleksandr Stoletov

Alexander Grigorievich Stoletov was a Russian physicist, founder of electrical engineering, and... more »

Alenush Terian

Ālenush Teriān, was an Iranian astronomer and physicist and is called 'Mother of Modern Iranian... more »

Alessandra Buonanno

Alessandra Buonanno is a theoretical physicist working in gravitational-wave physics and... more »

Alessandro Volta

Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta was an Italian physicist known for the invention of... more »

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