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Alex Grossmann

Alexander Grossmann is a Croatian-French physicist at the Université de la Méditerranée... more »

Alex Smith

Sir Alex Smith was born a Scottish industrial scientist and educator. Smith was born in... more »

Alex Stokes

Alexander Rawson Stokes was a co-author of the second of the three papers published sequentially... more »

Alex Zettl

Alex Zettl is an American professor of experimental condensed-matter physics. His research... more »

Alex Zunger

Alex Zunger is a professor at the University of Colorado and Chief Theorist at the "Center for... more »

Alexander Alexeyevich Makarov

Alexander Alexeyevich Makarov is a Russian physicist who led the team that developed the... more »

Alexander Anderson

Alexander Anderson was an Irish physicist and President of Queen's College Galway, later... more »

Alexander Balankin

Alexander Balankin is a Mexican scientist of Russian origin whose work in the field of fractal... more »

Alexander Behm

Alexander Behm was a German physicist. As head of a research laboratory in Vienna he conducted... more »

Alexander Bradshaw

Alexander Marian Bradshaw CBE, FRS is a British physicist. He was Scientific Director of the Max... more »

Alexander Dallas Bache

Alexander Dallas Bache was an American physicist, scientist and surveyor who erected coastal... more »

Alexander Fetter

Alexander L. Fetter is an American physicist and Professor Emeritus of Physics and Applied... more »

Alexander Friedmann

Alexander Alexandrovich Friedmann was a Russian and Soviet physicist and mathematician. He is... more »

Alexander Glaser

Alexander Glaser is Assistant Professor at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International... more »

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell was an eminent Scottish scientist, inventor, engineer and innovator who is... more »

Alexander Just

Alexander Friedrich Just was a German/Hungarian chemist and inventor. Later, in Hungary he used... more »

Alexander Kuzemsky

Alexander Leonidovich Kuzemsky is a Russian theoretical physicist. more »

Alexander MacAulay

Alexander McAulay was an explorer of Clifford biquaternion theory and was the first professor of... more »

Alexander Macfarlane

Alexander Macfarlane FRSE was a Scottish logician, physicist, and mathematician. Macfarlane was... more »

Alexander Markovich Polyakov

Alexander Markovich Polyakov is a theoretical physicist, formerly at the Landau Institute in... more »

Alexander Meissner

Alexander Meissner was Austrian engineer and physicist. He was born in Vienna and died in... more »

Alexander Mikhajlovich Baldin

Alexander Mikhajlovich Baldin was a Russian Soviet physicist, expert in the field of physics of... more »

Alexander Nikuradse

Alexander Nikuradse, also known by his pseudonym Al. Sanders, was a Georgian-German physicist,... more »

Alexander Obukhov

Alexander Mikhailovich Obukhov was a Russian physicist and applied mathematician known for his... more »

Alexander P. Yefremov

Alexander P. Yefremov is a Russian physicist, vice rector at Peoples' Friendship University of... more »

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