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F. David Peat

F. David Peat is a holistic physicist and author who has carried out research in solid state... more »

F. J. Duarte

Francisco Javier "Frank" Duarte is a laser physicist and author/editor of several well-known... more »

F. W. Jordan

Frank Wilfred Jordan was a British physicist who together with William Henry Eccles invented the... more »

Fang Lizhi

Fang Lizhi was a Chinese astrophysicist, vice-president of the University of Science and... more »

Farhad Ardalan

Farhad Ardalan is an Iranian High Energy physicist. He is a professor at Sharif University and... more »

Farzana Aslam

Farzana Aslam is a Pakistani physicist and astronomer. She is the professor of undergraduate... more »


Fayyazuddin or Fayyaz Uddin, HI, is a Pakistani theoretical physicist and an emeritus professor... more »

Fazle Hussain

A. K. M. Fazle Hussain is a Cullen Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Physics,... more »

Federico Faggin

Federico Faggin is an Italian-born and educated physicist, naturalized US citizen, widely known... more »

Felice Fontana

Felice Fontana was an Italian physicist who discovered the water gas shift reaction in 1780. He... more »

Felix Berezin

Felix Alexandrovich Berezin was a Soviet Russian mathematician and physicist known for his... more »

Felix Bloch

Felix Bloch was a Swiss physicist, working mainly in the U.S. more »

Felix Ehrenhaft

Felix Ehrenhaft was an Austrian physicist who contributed to atomic physics, to the measurement... more »

Félix Savart

Félix Savart was the son of Gérard Savart, an engineer at the military school of Metz. His... more »

Felix Villars

Felix Villars was an emeritus professor of physics at MIT. He is best known for the... more »

Felix Weinberg

Felix Jiri Weinberg FRS was a British physicist. He was Emeritus Professor of Combustion Physics... more »

Ferdinand Brickwedde

Ferdinand Graft Brickwedde, a physicist at the National Bureau of Standards, in 1931 produced... more »

Ferdinand Kurlbaum

Ferdinand Kurlbaum was a German physicist. He was a son of a judicial officer. Until 23 he made... more »

Ferdynand Antoni Ossendowski

Antoni Ferdynand Ossendowski was a Polish writer, journalist, traveler, globetrotter, explorer,... more »

Ferenc Krausz

Ferenc Krausz is a Hungarian-Austrian physicist, whose research team has generated and measured... more »

Fernand Holweck

Fernand Holweck was a French physicist who made important contributions in the fields of vacuum... more »

Fernando Quevedo

Fernando Quevedo Rodríguez is a Guatemalan physicist. He was appointed director of the Abdus... more »

Feza Gürsey

Feza Gürsey was a Turkish mathematician and physicist. Among his most prominent contributions to... more »

Fiodar Fiodaraŭ

Fiodar Fiodaraŭ, was a famous Belarusian physicist, whose scientific interests ranged from... more »

Firmin Abauzit

Firmin Abauzit was a French scholar who worked on physics, theology and philosophy, and served... more »

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