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Herbert York

Herbert Frank York was part Mohawk American nuclear physicist. He held numerous research and... more »

Herch Moysés Nussenzveig

Herch Moysés Nussenzveig is a Brazilian physicist, professor at Universidade Federal do Rio de... more »

Herman Branover

Herman Branover is a Russian Israeli physicist and Jewish educator. He is best known in the... more »

Herman Branson

Herman Russell Branson was an African-American physicist, chemist, best known for his research... more »

Herman Carr

Herman Y. Carr, who published as H. Y. Carr, was an American physicist and pioneer of magnetic... more »

Herman Chernoff

Herman Chernoff is an American applied mathematician, statistician and physicist formerly a... more »

Herman Feshbach

Herman Feshbach was an American physicist. He was an Institute Professor Emeritus of physics at... more »

Herman March

Herman William March was a mathematician and physicist. March studied physics and mathematics at... more »

Herman Verlinde

Herman Louis Verlinde is a Dutch theoretical physicist and string theorist. He is a professor at... more »

Hermann Brück

Hermann Alexander Brück was a German-born astronomer who spent the great portion of his career... more »

Hermann Grassmann

Hermann Günther Grassmann was a German polymath, renowned in his day as a linguist and now also... more »

Hermann Haken

Hermann Haken is physicist and professor emeritus in theoretical physics at the University of... more »

Hermann Joseph Muller

Hermann Joseph Muller was an American geneticist, educator, and Nobel laureate best known for... more »

Hermann Knoblauch

Karl Hermann Knoblauch was a German physicist. He is most notable for his studies of radiant... more »

Hermann Oberth

Hermann Julius Oberth was an Austro-Hungarian-born German physicist and engineer. He is... more »

Hermann von Helmholtz

Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz was a German physician and physicist who made significant... more »

Hermotimus of Clazomenae

Hermotimus of Clazomenae, called by Lucian a Pythagorean, was a philosopher who first proposed,... more »

Hertha Sponer

Hertha Sponer was a German physicist and chemist who contributed to modern quantum mechanics and... more »

Hertha Wambacher

Hertha Wambacher was an Austrian physicist. After having obtained the general certificate of... more »

Hessel de Vries

Hessel de Vries, was a Dutch physicist and professor at the University of Groningen who... more »

Hideki Yukawa

Hideki Yukawa ForMemRS FRSE, was a Japanese theoretical physicist and the first Japanese Nobel... more »

Hideo Mabuchi

Hideo Mabuchi is a physicist and Department Chair of Applied Physics at Stanford University, and... more »

Hilding Faxén

Olov Hilding Faxén was a Swedish physicist who was primarily active within mechanics. Faxén... more »


Hippasus of Metapontum, was a Pythagorean philosopher. Little is known about his life or his... more »

Hippolyte Fizeau

Armand Hippolyte Louis Fizeau was a French physicist. more »

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