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John Hopkinson

John Hopkinson, FRS, was a British physicist, electrical engineer, Fellow of the Royal Society... more »

John Hopps

John H. Hopps was an African-American physicist and politician. A native of Dallas, Texas, Hopps... more »

John Hubbard

John Hubbard was a British physicist, best known for the Hubbard model for interacting... more »

John Iliopoulos

John Iliopoulos is a Greek physicist and the first person to present the Standard Model of... more »

John J. Turin

John J. Turin was an American mathematician and physicist, especially active in the field of... more »

John James Waterston

John James Waterston was a Scottish physicist, a neglected pioneer of the kinetic theory of gases. more »

John Joly

John Joly FRS was an Irish physicist, famous for his development of radiotherapy in the... more »

John Kendrew

Sir John Cowdery Kendrew, CBE, FRS was an English biochemist and crystallographer who shared the... more »

John Kerr

John Kerr FRS was a Scottish physicist and a pioneer in the field of electro-optics. He is best... more »

John L. Hall

John Lewis "Jan" Hall is an American physicist, and Nobel laureate in physics. He shared one... more »

John Larry Kelly, Jr.

John Larry Kelly, Jr., was a scientist who worked at Bell Labs. He is best known for formulating... more »

John Latham

John Latham is a physicist, best known for his work on geoengineering. more »

John Leslie

Sir John Leslie was a Scottish mathematician and physicist best remembered for his research into... more »

John Lighton Synge

John Lighton Synge was an Irish mathematician and physicist. more »

John M. Cowley

John M. Cowley was an American Regents Professor at Arizona State University. The John M. Cowley... more »

John M. Grunsfeld

John Mace Grunsfeld is an American physicist and a former NASA astronaut. He is a veteran of... more »

John Maddox

Sir John Royden Maddox, FRS was a British science writer. He was an editor of Nature for 22... more »

John Mallard

John Mallard OBE FRSE was Professor of Medical Physics at the University of Aberdeen from 1965... more »

John Marburger

John Harmen Marburger III was an American physicist who directed the Office of Science and... more »

John Matthews

John Matthews was a physicist and the father of Dave Matthews. more »

John Mauchly

John William Mauchly was an American physicist who, along with J. Presper Eckert, designed... more »

John McCowan

John McCowan was a British physicist born in Scotland. He was born to William McCowan, a tailor... more »

John Mitchell Nuttall

John Mitchell Nuttall was an English physicist, born in Todmorden. He is best remembered for his... more »

John Moffat

John W. Moffat is a Professor Emeritus in physics at the University of Toronto. He is also an... more »

John N. Shive

John Northrup Shive was an American physicist and inventor. He made notable contributions in... more »

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