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Jorge E. Hirsch

Jorge Eduardo Hirsch is an Argentine American professor of physics at the University of... more »

Jorge Pullin

Jorge Pullin is the Horace Hearne Chair in theoretical Physics at the Louisiana State... more »

Jos Engelen

Prof. dr. J. J. Engelen, a Dutch physicist, is Chairman of the Netherlands Organisation for... more »

José Antonio Balseiro

José Antonio Balseiro was an Argentine physicist. Balseiro studied at the Universidad Nacional... more »

José Enrique Moyal

José Enrique Moyal was a mathematical physicist who contributed to aeronautical engineering,... more »

José Fernando Ferreira Mendes

José F.F. Mendes is a Portuguese physicist and professor of physics at University of Aveiro. Was... more »

José Goldemberg

José Goldemberg, a Brazilian physicist, university educator, scientific leader and research... more »

José Leite Lopes

José Leite Lopes, noted Brazilian theoretical physicist in the field of quantum field theory and... more »

José W. F. Valle

José W. F. Valle is a Brazilian-Spanish physicist whose research includes many aspects of... more »

Josef Finger

Josef Finger was an Austrian physicist and mathematician. more »

Josef Lense

Josef Lense was an Austrian physicist In 1914 Lense got his doctorate under Samuel Oppenheim... more »

Josef Meixner

Josef Meixner was a German theoretical physicist known for his work on the physics of deformable... more »

Joseph A. Ball

Joseph Arthur Ball was an American inventor, physicist, and executive at Technicolor. He was the... more »

Joseph Black

Joseph Black FRSE FRCPE FPSG was a Scottish physician and chemist, known for his discoveries of... more »

Joseph D. Sneed

Joseph D. Sneed is an American physicist, and philosopher at the Colorado School of Mines. With... more »

Joseph Fourier

Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier was a French mathematician and physicist born in Auxerre and best... more »

Joseph Henry

Joseph Henry was an American scientist who served as the first Secretary of the Smithsonian... more »

Joseph J. Romm

Joseph J. Romm is an American author, blogger, physicist and climate expert who concentrates on... more »

Joseph Jackson Lister

Joseph Jackson Lister, FRS was an amateur British opticist and physicist and the father of... more »

Joseph Jacobson

Dr. Joseph Jacobson leads the Molecular Machines group of the Center for Bits and Atoms. His... more »

Joseph John Thomson

Sir Joseph John "J. J." Thomson, OM, FRS was an English physicist. In 1897 Thomson showed that... more »

Joseph Lade Pawsey

Joseph Lade Pawsey was an Australian scientist, radiophysicist and radio astronomer. more »

Joseph Larmor

Sir Joseph Larmor FRS was a physicist and mathematician who made innovations in the... more »

Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac

Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac was a French chemist and physicist. He is known mostly for two laws... more »

Joseph Nordgren

Ernst Joseph Nordgren, born November 16, 1947 in Örebro, is a Swedish physicist. Nordgren... more »

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