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Jean-Baptiste Biot

Jean-Baptiste Biot was a French physicist, astronomer, and mathematician who established the... more »

Jean-Baptiste Pérès

Jean-Baptiste Pérès was a French physicist best known for his 1827 pamphlet Grand Erratum, a... more »

Jean-Charles de Borda

Jean-Charles, chevalier de Borda was a French mathematician, physicist, political scientist, and... more »

Jean-Daniel Colladon

Jean-Daniel Colladon was a Swiss physicist. more »

Jean-Émile Charon

Jean-Émile Charon was a French nuclear physicist, philosopher and writer. He was the author of... more »

Jean-Marc Lévy-Leblond

Jean-Marc Lévy-Leblond is a physicist and essayist. After a doctorate in Theoretical Physics at... more »

Jean-Marie Duhamel

Jean-Marie Constant Duhamel was a French mathematician and physicist. His studies were affected... more »

Jean-Philippe Bouchaud

Jean-Philippe Bouchaud is a French physicist born in 1962. He is founder and Chairman of Capital... more »

Jean-Pierre Minckelers

Jean-Pierre Minckelers was an inventor of illuminating gas. At the age of sixteen, in 1764, he... more »

Jean-Pierre Vigier

Jean-Pierre Vigier was a theoretical physicist, known for his work on the foundations of... more »

Jearl Walker

Jearl Walker is a physicist noted for his book Flying Circus of Physics, first published in... more »

Jeff Schmidt

Jeff Schmidt is a physicist who wrote the 2000 book Disciplined Minds, a critique of the... more »

Jeffrey A. Harvey

Jeffrey A. Harvey is a Professor of Physics and string theorist at University of Chicago. Among... more »

Jeffrey Bub

Jeffrey Bub is a physicist and philosopher of physics, and Distinguished Professor in the... more »

Jeffrey Goldstone

Jeffrey Goldstone is a British-born theoretical physicist and an emeritus physics faculty at the... more »

Jeffrey Mandula

Jeffrey Ellis Mandula is a physicist well known for the Coleman–Mandula theorem from 1967. He... more »

Jeffrey Satinover

Jeffrey Burke Satinover is an American psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and physicist. He is known... more »

Jens Eisert

Jens Eisert, born October 9, 1970, is a German physicist, ERC fellow, and professor at the Free... more »

Jens Frahm

Jens Frahm is Director of the Biomedizinische NMR Forschungs GmbH at the Max Planck Institute... more »

Jens Martin Knudsen

Jens Martin Knudsen was a Danish astrophysicist. During his scientific career Knudsen authored... more »

Jens Scheer

Jens Scheer, was a physicist, professor of nuclear physics at the University of Bremen and one... more »

Jens Seipenbusch

Jens Peter Seipenbusch is a German politician and physicist who was leader of the Pirate Party... more »

Jeremy Bernstein

Jeremy Bernstein is an American theoretical physicist and science essayist. more »

Jeremy C. Smith

Jeremy C. Smith is a British-born molecular biophysicist. more »

Jeremy Whitlock

Jeremy J. Whitlock, is a reactor physicist at Chalk River Laboratories of the Atomic Energy of... more »

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