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John Adams

Sir John Bertram Adams KBE, FRS was a British accelerator physicist and administrator. During... more »

John Aitken

John Aitken FRS FRSE was a Scottish meteorologist, physicist and marine engineer. He was one of... more »

John Alexander Simpson

John Alexander Simpson worked as an experimental nuclear, and cosmic ray physicist who was... more »

John Anderson

John Anderson FRSE FRS FSA was a Scottish natural philosopher and liberal educator at the... more »

John Archibald Wheeler

John Archibald Wheeler was an American theoretical physicist who was largely responsible for... more »

John B. Goodenough

John Bannister Goodenough is an American professor and prominent solid-state physicist. He is... more »

John Bardeen

John Bardeen was an American physicist and electrical engineer, the only person to have won the... more »

John Bond

John W. Bond is an English physicist. He developed a technique for lifting fingerprints off of... more »

John Bryan Taylor

John Bryan Taylor is a British physicist known for his important contributions to plasma physics... more »

John C. Baez

John Carlos Baez is an American mathematical physicist and a professor of mathematics at the... more »

John C. Browne

John C. Browne is an American physicist. He was born on July 29, 1942 in Pottstown, PA as the... more »

John C. Mather

John Cromwell Mather is an American astrophysicist, cosmologist and Nobel Prize in Physics... more »

John C. Slater

John Clarke Slater was a noted American physicist who made major contributions to the theory of... more »

John C. Taschner

John C. Taschner is a radiation biophysicist. He was a member of the technical staff in the... more »

John Canton

John Canton FRS was an English physicist. Canton was born in Middle Street Stroud,... more »

John Clarke

John Clarke is an English physicist and a Professor of Experimental Physics at University of... more »

John Clauser

John Francis Clauser is an American theoretical and experimental physicist known for... more »

John Clive Ward

John Clive Ward was a British-Australian physicist. His most famous creation was the... more »

John Cockcroft

Sir John Douglas Cockcroft OM KCB CBE FRS was a British physicist. He shared the Nobel Prize in... more »

John Cunningham McLennan

Sir John Cunningham McLennan, KBE FRS FRSC was a Canadian physicist. Born in Ingersoll, Ontario,... more »

John Currie Gunn

Sir John Currie Gunn CBE FRSE was an influential Scottish mathematician and physicist. more »

John D. Barrow

John David Barrow FRS is an English cosmologist, theoretical physicist, and mathematician. He is... more »

John D. Wiley

John Duncan Wiley is a faculty member and former chancellor of the University of... more »

John Dainton

John Bourke Dainton FRS is a British physicist, and Sir James Chadwick Professor of Physics, at... more »

John Dalton

John Dalton FRS was an English chemist, meteorologist and physicist. He is best known for his... more »

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